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I just feel like punching some people in the face. With a shovel.

I had my band concert today (yay!) and aside from procrastinating on my homework and freaking out about the fact that it’s 11.00 right now, not 10.00 because of Daylight Savings Time (Sigh. Why can’t we just have the “fall back” part and skip the “spring forward” part?! Oh wait, my mother just informed me that it’s next week. Phew), I encountered some very annoying situations.

Anyways… here is why I feel like punching someone right now:

1. My conductor told us our call time was 5.15, when it should’ve been 6.15. Yay.

2. I was hanging out with my friend during this two hour long par-tay before our concert, and we were admiring the spiffy band shoes that the people had at the high school where our concert was held. And then one of the moms that was chaperoning/helping out came over to us and told us to stop touching the shoes… seriously, we were just looking at what sizes peoples’s shoes were. The sizes were written on slips of tape on the cabinet. Not on the shoes. GO AWAY.

2. After being given a lecture, we decided to look at the music they had. Those little pieces of paper are so cool. It’s minuscule font, because apparently the marching band has plastic holders for their music close to their faces (how do they know where they’re going?!). Anyways, we were looking at all the cool songs they play, when the same mom said “you guys aren’t messing up their music, are you?” Uh, no. We were looking at the music that they were playing. We touched max 5 pieces of paper and did NOT take them off the shelf. akdjfdlk go away.

Ahh, okay, the music isn’t attached to their hats or anything… that’s what I thought…

3. Then I was showing my friends my car keys (I drove by myself, yay!) when THE SAME MOM asked me “whose keys are those?” like I had stolen somebody’s keys out of their bag. WHAT. THE. FUDGE. Aughhhh seriously?!

4. When I was driving home in the pitch black, this super slow car was in front of me. They were going max 40mph on a 45mph road, which was annoying. But that’s not the worst part. We came up to a bend in the road where a stop light was. There was even one of those little lights that shows you if it’s a green light or not before you turn the corner so you don’t run a red light or anything. I don’t know what this car was doing, but it LITERALLY stopped. In the middle of the road. On a 45mph road. What. The. Fudge. Everything in my car flew forward, and I seriously felt like flipping them off right then and there. Luckily the road split into two lanes and I got into the other lane, but *magically* the car sped up when I got into the other lane. So much for pulling up next to them and flipping them off.

Until next time, Em 🙂


Why I Don’t Like People: A Memoir

So… I mentioned in my last post that yesterday pretty much sucked. Let me tell you why:

1. I love hammocks. When I found out that Anna had one, I immediately jumped in it and expected a few minutes to lay and relax. Not likely. Anna and this little kid (read: brat) ran over and tried to push me out after about… 30 seconds of peace. I tried not to get annoyed, but it’s seriously hard when I AM WILLING TO LET THEM GET IN THE HAMMOCK but they just push me out so they can get on.

2.  I got out of the hammock and decided to go and have some quiet time in a recliner that they had. That was fun for about 1 minute before Anna started yelling at me, saying that I was “rude” for not wanting to talk 24/7. Oh, and the best part? The little kid started mimicking her. I’m sorry if I’m an introvert, and if you can’t get over that then why are we even friends?!

3. Anna wouldn’t talk to me for the rest of the night because I wanted to sit alone for 2 minutes.

4. When Anna, JB (her brother), JB’s friend, and I played LIFE (which started out fun)… she got in an argument with JB and quit and said “oh I’ll be just like Em and go sit off by myself and be rude. Oh by the way Em, you better find your own place to sleep and own way to get home“… okay I tried to explain the whole “I don’t feel like talking to people right now, I need a moment alone” thing, but we all know how that went.

5. After we finished LIFE (I won, even though I was behind the whole time), JB, JB’s friend and I played some card games. Hey, I would be perfectly fine with letting Anna play with us, but she just ignored us. Oh and here comes the best part. JB started hitting on me (and his friend did too, for that matter)… this is why I don’t like/trust guys. At least not the sleazes that live by me.

6. When we finished playing cards, I went into Anna’s room to apologize/get my pjs on. I asked her if she was okay, and she said yes… not true. Then I said “I’m sorry for acting like that earlier”… and I got a whole speech about how messed up I am. Anna started whining about how “I have issues with talking to people” and that I “need to get over it”. When I tried explaining that “I’m just like that,” she said that I shouldn’t be rude all the time. I’M NOT TRYING TO BE RUDE. I’m trying to get a moment alone, and is it really my fault that you were pushing me off of the hammock? I think not. Oh and then she said (about the whole hammock thing) “well that’s just how Devin (the kid that pushed me off the hammock) is… that’s how he tries to make friends”. First of all, you said I was screwed up for being me, and now you say everything’s fine when he’s being himself? Oh and seriously, if that’s how the little twerp makes friends, I feel bad for him, because he won’t have many at the rate he’s going.

7. When Anna and I went to the pool and I tried diving off the springboard, I must have twisted wrong or something. When I came up to the surface, my back hurt so much. I could barely doggy-paddle, it hurt that much. And when I said “Anna, my back really hurts. It hurts to move my arms!” I got a speech about how I need to “suck it up” and how “it’s nothing”… I could have broken my back, and yet she didn’t give a rat’s butt.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Sometimes I just hate people

Have you ever been in that situation, where you’re trying to chill out to your calm playlist of your favorite songs while playing Mahjong Titans, and then a bunch of teenage girls come in the room and totally ruin the moment? Sometimes people just don’t understand the concept of being quiet and letting the introverted kid listen to her music. Sigh.

On another note, I’ve decided to start sharing the Dating Rules that we learn in our history class (our teacher is just that cool)! So, without further ado, I present to you, rule #1!

  1. High school students don’t date college students.

Also, I’d like to present my favorite book of the week and favorite playlist of the week! Drumroll please…

1. Wherever You Will Go – The Calling (Go listen to the acoustic version, it’s so good)

2. Kiss Me Slowly – Parachute (My friend told me about this song, it’s so so so good)

3. Be My Escape – Relient K (Go listen to all of their songs, I love this one and Sadie Hawkins Dance)

4. Everywhere – Michelle Branch (Seriously, Michelle Branch is such a good singer)

5. Absolutely (Story of a Girl) – Nine Days (I think I heard this song on The Lizzie McGuire Movie…)

6. Chances – Five for Fighting (I actually learned of this song through the credits on a movie)

7. Stay the Night – James Blunt (Oh my word, this is a wonderful song. Not depressing at all)

8. Boys of Summer – The Ataris (A cover, way better than the original)

Finally…………………………… my favorite book of the week/my whole entire life, not even kidding. I love Jane Austen re-make books, and this is one of the best. Sure, the writing isn’t the best, but don’t judge a book by its writing! The book is: PRIDE AND POPULARITY BY JENNI JAMES!!!! She’s coming out with a whole entire series of Jane Austen re-makes (my heaven)…. oh my word.

Until next time, Em 🙂