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I just looked up from my laptop to see that really hot teacher standing in front of the door of the classroom that I’m sitting in… and I was totally laughing about strange blog posts… yeah so he’s just standing there staring at me, and when I look up I’m like *holy shittake mushrooms you’re hot… stare stare stare* and he just looks at me and smiles and then walks down the hall. We just had a moment there. Hahaha yeah… it should be illegal to hire hot teachers because holy mustaches there are some pretty cute teachers at our school…

Also, I’m doing a “Weekly Post” like Ariel is doing over at Lots of Love Seattle… so yeah here’s what I’m going to do every week, probably every Saturday because that way my school week has just ended. Oh and I totally just inserted that link using my new found skills of html I learned from Code Academy 😀

So here’s what’s gonna be in my “Weekly Post”

  • A song/playlist of the week
  • 3 facts
  • Interesting things that happened
  • A quote
  • A word of the week
  • A book of the week
  • Maybe a rant/rave, if I have anything to talk about

(I totally just wrote that list with html… yeah be proud of me)

Until next time, Em 🙂