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When doing homework or studying for a test:

My brain: Okay, let’s get this study session started! We have a 3 hour assignment for English, a bio test and bio final exam to study for, a Spanish final to study for, and a history reading. Let’s go! I’m ready!

Me: Okay, but first I have to write down this quote from a book I read. Oh, then I need to stalk the person I like on tumblr. Haven’t done that for a few days. And maybe they posted something new on Facebook? We better check that too. Oh, and then I need to put a hold on every single Billy Joel CD at the library. Pronto. Hm, I better get some food. That’d be nice. Oh, we don’t have any? Well, I better go to the store, then. Oh, I also need some hair gel and some gloss paint for my sneakers. I mean, I’ll be in the general vicinity anyway… okay, so it’s 10 minutes away. Still. Now to paint my sneakers! Ooh I haven’t watched the latest episode of The Mindy Project. Or Once Upon a Time. Come to think of it, I think I’ve missed a few episodes of Modern Family too. Oooh, how about H2O? It’s been a few months since I watched it… too long.

My brain: Okay, you seriously need to study. Now.

Me: Oh, yeah. Let’s make a blog post first.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Why are my teachers so out of sync?!

Literally this Thursday, this is what I have due:

1. Spanish test! Yay! We all know I love those!

2. A vocab test! Four pages of fun!

3. Memorizing a speech from Shakespeare that I don’t give a flip about!

4. A history essay on American Intervention in Other Countries! Woohoo!

Apparently we have a test calendar at my school so that this doesn’t happen, but apparently these are the three teachers that don’t use it.

Until next time, Em 🙂

I can’t tell if that went well or badly…

I just came out of my IB History class. We had a “Paper 1 Practice Test”. If you don’t know what the IB Paper 1 is, let me explain. IB is a programme that spans over two years for each subject, and at the end of the two years you have a huge paper to write, a few tests, and some other stuff.

The tests are actually called “papers” (don’t ask me why). You have about 4 short answer questions to answer in 60 minutes.

We did a practice paper today, to get prepped for the paper (which is at the end of this year – year 1).

We were given the questions ahead of time, and we worked on them in class – but this won’t happen during the test. Every question will be a surprise.

Anyways, I guess I had my points memorized because I was in and out of there in 30 minutes – and it’s supposed to take you 60 minutes.

I think I did well – I wrote 5 pages, single sided – but who knows? I can’t wait till we get the results back.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Standardized testing is the bomb

Today I have the PSAT test… yep this is going to be a very fun-filled day. Not.

I do, however, have five hours after the test to stay at school and do my history reading (the test is tomorrow)… I really don’t want to do this. It’s called procrastinating for a reason.

Definition according to Wikipedia: “procrastination refers to the act of replacing high-priority actions with tasks of lower priority, or doing something from which one derives enjoyment, and thus putting off important tasks to a later time”

Like, browsing tea. I definitely “derive enjoyment” from that.

om nom

Until next time, Em 🙂