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Lost in Austen Pt. 1: Live blogging at it’s finest

This is what I thought when I was watching the first episode:

  • i wish we had double decker buses
  • “”how do i look” “like you put your lipstick on by eating it” hehehe
  • ew the bf is so ugly
  • did someone just come out of her bathtub??!
  • i’ve acutally seen a door that opens to air
  • “you are the key” lolol
  • “it is talored in your underthings” hm. strange.
  • how did she know it was elizabeth bennet?!
  • the wall is kinda cool – mosaicy and stuff. but is it just paint samples and the mom was too lazy to actually finish?
  • I wish i could walk into a book 😥
  • just wait till she figures out that she doesn’t have electricity or a bathroom
  • lydia is strange…
  • lol girl on girl action? pubes? oh my word
  • otterhunting?
  • bingley… hm he needs to trim his eyebrows
  • “we lend each other books. it’s practically a marriage”
  • elizabeth the very goatiest
  • mr bingley likes writing, unlike some people 😉 (ZIA)
  • “large gatherings of society bring me out in hives. as do small gatherings.” omg me
  • actually he’s kind of cute… (bingley)
  • are they trying to get rid of amanda?
  • birch twigs? how is that a toothbrush?
  • is that georgiana? oh. it’s caroline. bleh
  • mr. collins? handsome? ew
  • does charlotte know?! (that amanda is from the future)
  • i wonder if amanda will like darcy? hm.
  • bingley only has eyes for amanda! 😥
  • hm, darcy looks kinda like colin firth. but… hm.  no.
  • lol amanda doesn’t know how to dance at all
  • lol she’s lighting her cigarette on the lamp
  • “you even breathe fire” !? lol
  • love making?!
  • ball breaker? lol
  • he just offered her his coat? and then there’s darcy in the background lol
  • has she tried to unlcok it? (the door)
  • Does Mr. bennet love lizzie? omg incest
  • lol “he’s not colin firth”
  • “physically he fills his britches pretty well, but he doens’t float my boat” lol
  • lol mrs. bennet is so unlikeable

Until next time, Em 🙂

P.S. ~ I was talking to my friend just now…

Me: “Should I do homework or go to [insert town name here]? (I have a college night thing in 3 hours and I’m stuck at school)

My teacher (sneaking up on me – creepy): “homework.”

Me: *WTF WHY ARE YOU HERE* “well I want to do homework, but really I don’t…”

My friend: *says something about history class*

Me: “OH YEAH! are we gonna watch that movie?”

My teacher: “which one”

*me trying to figure out the movie name*

Me: “you know, you said we could watch the rated R for nudity one (he said it was ok as long as he covered the screen lol) or the Auschwitz one or… the other one”

My teacher: “Schindler’s list?”

Me: “YES! It looked so fun!”

My teacher: “History class is not for fun.” *walks away*



Seriously, Downton Abbey? Seriously?

The setting: History Class, around 11.30AM

Fade in. 7 girls and a (male, may I add) teacher work on their projects (well, not the teacher)

Teacher: So, did anyone watch Downton Abbey last night?

Friend: OH MY GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE ************ (not gonna say what she said, just in case you watch it and don’t want spoilers!)

Teacher: I KNOW, RIGHT!

Me: Uh… you watch Downton Abbey?

Teacher: Well, actually, my daughter does… she’s having a Downton Abbey High Tea for her birthday.

Me: Uh…

Teacher: And guess who’s going to be the butler? *sighs*

Me: hee hee

Teacher: *mimes holding a plate with food on it like they do at restaurants* “would you like some tea?”

Me: oh my god dying here no big deal

Fade out.

Yup, just a normal history class.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Now all my teachers think I’m crazy…

Today at lunch I was joking around with Mimi about our so-called “husbands”. We have this thing where, when we see a really old/ugly guy featured in one of our teachers PowerPoints, we say that he is the other person’s husband.

Moshe Dayan, the Israeli Defense Minister, is Mimi’s “husband”

Jimmy Carter, the US President in the 1970s, is my “husband”

Well, some crazy stuff went down during lunch today. We were joking around, looking up the creepiest pictures we could find of Moshe Dayan and Jimmy Carter. I typed in “Jimmy Carter” on her laptop, and you know how when you look up a CUTE actor on google, sometimes you type in “actor shirtless”? Well I sort of got in the habit of doing that… so I accidentally typed in “Jimmy Carter s” and then I was like “Oh my gosh, no! I did not mean to look up Jimmy Carter shirtless! Oh my gosh!”

Let’s just say that Mimi OVERREACTED. A lot. We continued looking up random pictures of Jimmy Carter, and then suddenly we heard a “what are you looking up?’… we both turned around and saw one of our teachers standing there. Staring at our screen. Which now featured the words “Jimmy Carter young”… great.

Oh, but it gets better. Mimi started talking to him, saying how Carter was my “husband”… wonderful. He definitely thinks I’m psycho, especially because I then told Mimi that “at least my ‘husband’ didn’t die in 1981, before I was born”… ack. Then Mimi told him that I was “looking up pictures of Jimmy Carter shirtless”… great.Our teacher then backed away slowly, saying that he would “never come back here again” (referring to the place where we were eating/stalking people).

Also, on Halloween, I dressed up as my (other) teacher’s alter ego, Franco Toolbox.


gif made by my friend (made from a video that my other friend found of him in a Spanish video he made for a school project)

Then, my friend told him that I was dressed up as Franco Toolbox… at least my teacher took it well, saying that it was funny, and good thing I didn’t bring guns to school! But he definitely thinks I’m crazy, even though he seemed fine about it.


I see a definite resemblance. (please ignore the stupid face I was making, I was trying to replicate the video)

Until next time, Em 🙂

I sure love tea…

I’ve had a sudden interest in tea lately. Why tea, you ask? I have no idea. Maybe it’s because I had a spectacular cup of chai tea latte… or maybe because I learned how to make a Dublin Fog. Either way, I now love tea.

My family, though? They don’t love tea so much. My mom likes it occasionally, but in boring flavors like Peach and Earl Grey (who drinks this? I found a bunch of unmarked Earl Grey teabags in our “mystery box” aka our leftovers box and I accidentally had one… ew)

My brother and dad think that we have too much tea… I don’t think that seven boxes are too many. We need some variety.

Because we need some variety, and because I hate Earl Grey and green teas in general, I decided to get some new teas.

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake

Organic Root Beer Float

Organic Root Beer Float

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake

Yum 🙂

And I found some more delicious looking teas!

Adagio has a great selection of blends:

James Potter – Irish Breakfast, Candy Apple, Gingerbread blend

Butterbeer – Caramel, Cream, Vanilla blend (all the things that go into actual butterbeer, which I’ve made before!)

Hello Sweetea – Valentines, Cinnamon, Vanilla Oolong blend with rosehips

Madman with a Cuppa – Rooibos Vanilla Chai, Almond Oolong, Ceylon Sonata blend with chocolate chips

Birthday Cake Tea – Vanilla, Rooibos Vanilla Chai, Honeybush Vanilla blend

Along with some great plain teas:

Valentines (tastes like chocolate covered strawberries)


Stocking Stuffers – candy cane, pumpkin spice, candy apple, gingerbread, chestnut and cranberry

Also, my friend is bringing me the

TARDIS Blend – Earl Grey Bravo, Blackberry, Vanilla blend (which apparently tastes like a blueberry muffin)

Until next time, Em 🙂

P.S. ~ A teacher at my school just walked into the classroom I’m doing my homework in and asked me if I was making progress on the History reading… yeah, if you call browsing teas online progress.


This feels like 8th grade all over again, when I was going to dress up as a British man (complete with a monocle) for Spirit Week at school (but then I switched schools the week before Spirit Week, so…)

I GOT A SUIT. Well, a suit top. Why is this so awesome, you ask? I have no idea. I just like wearing button-down shirts and suits (but mostly the button-down shirts. And I like looking at guys that wear button-down shirts. But you know… not that cute guy in band who wears one, or anything… hehehe (he forgot his music last week so now I have an excuse to talk to him – “hey did you lose your music”)



Which do you think is better? I’m kinda liking the “spiffy” outfit more, because the “casual” outfit reminds me of the male teachers at my school every time we have Open House…

And sorry for the terrible pictures, my brother apparently doesn’t know how to use an iPhone camera – my whole face was blocked by the light (the sun? I have no idea) because he doesn’t know how to focus on my face…

Until next time, Em 🙂

Thank you so much, dearest teachers

Why do teachers want to make us suffer so much? I have:

1. Bio test

2. Spanish test

3. History test

4. English essay

All do this week. The English essay was assigned one week ago, and the draft is due today (hopefully she’ll take my body paragraphs without the intro and conclusion… because I thought it was due Friday, but turns out the draft is due today and the final is due Friday)

I’ve decided to make Spanish flash card on http://www.quizlet.com which will definitely get me a higher grade. Hopefully. The History test, though? Haven’t even started the reading… kill me now.

Until next time, Em 🙂