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My friends are crazy

Today is Dylan’s birthday. I’m totally over him, but since we’re friends I decided to wish him a happy birthday. And of course this happened:


Why did ChaiTeaLover have to like it?! Why?!

On another note, yesterday I was talking to Anna about how I don’t have any guy friends that aren’t creeps (how we got to this topic, I don’t know), and she told me that SpongeBob is in love with her… phew! I mean, I feel bad for her, because he’s a creep, but at least he doesn’t like me anymore!

Until next time, Em 🙂

The confusing life of Em

9. Write about your relationship status

Well, since this is pretty much all I talk about on my blog, this post is going to be pretty boring. But if you’re a new reader (and haven’t stalked my posts to death) then this might be very helpful.

Dylan: Well, Dylan is definitely a creeper. Sure, we’d look super cute together. But I guess he doesn’t care, because he would rather be a total player. A super cute player, but still.

Harry Potter/HP: I haven’t seen him in a few weeks, but we definitely flirted.

Swimmer: I’m still trying to figure out how to hang out with him, seeing that he’s Anna’s neighbor and it would be really awkward if I randomly asked if we could hang out with him. But I’m working on it. And it would really help if someone could give me advice 😉

SpongeBob: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? The creepiest guy ever! It’s been almost a week since I saw him, and I’m hoping he deleted my phone number. Or dropped his phone in a puddle. I never want to speak to him again.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Awkward games of Telephone

So my friend finally came online, and here’s our conversation:

ChaiTeaLover: After you and SpongeBob left, we played Telephone. And you know the point of Telephone is to make things like he**a awkward, right? So the person who started said “Em and SpongeBob are best friends”

Em: YES (hyperventilating)

CTL: And it went around until it got to JB (my friend’s twin brother)

Em: Type fast… what (hyperventilating; this can’t be good)

CTL: And then JB decided to change the words to “Em and SpongeBob are poops” and for some reason it got back to A, who was last, and she heard

Em: Yesss!!!

CTL: “SpongeBob thinks Em has big b**bs” HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

Em: UH


Em: Anyways


Em: I’m… sure it was


Em: So what else happened! Nothing?? (still hyperventilating; what if they kissed?)

CTL: I just thought that would interest you. And everyone was like dying on the floor.

Em: It… didn’t.


Em: I’m sure they were.

CTL: And we were like “suuurreee ;)”

Em: Anyways. What did y’all do after that?

CTL: We just fooled around.

Em: Uh…

CTL: Did nothing hahahaha

Em: Mhmmmmm…

CTL: You didn’t really miss much! We just talked. And they wanted to play Spin the Bottle (OMG I BET THEY KISSED!!)

Em: Did you! Haha (sob)

CTL: No. There were two guys and five girls. How would that have even worked? (phew)

So now that all has been said and done, I know that while there was a bit of… awkward conversation, but at least CTL didn’t kiss Swimmer. Thank goodness!

Until next time, Em 🙂


OK, Well I just went to my friend’s Sweet 16! And I was pretty darn excited. And we got to drive in a limo and everything. But seriously, things took a turn for the worst. And when I mean worst I mean THE WORST.

There was really cute guy there, “Swimmer”… and I had met him before, when I went swimming with my friend, her brother, and Swimmer. And we had an epic water splashing fight. Anyways, I was pretty excited because, come on, we’re talking 4 hours with a really cute (yet young guy… seriously, I think he’s old for his grade).

But then, while we were playing Apples to Apples, I met SpongeBob… ya… great. I mean, he wasn’t exactly ugly. I would even say he was kinda cute. I think it was the plaid shirt that lured me in. I mean, sure he is like the biggest perv ever. But come on, I just wanted to talk to him for a few minutes. Well, then my friend got the idea to tell us that we reminded her of each other… Oh no.

And then, when we got to the bowling alley (where the party was at), I was super excited to talk to Swimmer. He was sitting alone, and there is nothing I love more than a shy guy. So I decided that some time that night, I would talk to him. Well, turns out SpongeBob really liked me. And let’s just say the feelings were NOT mutual. I thought he was really creepy.

And then, SpongeBob started flirting with me. And asked for my number. I mean come on, I can just block him, right? Right. So I went on a limb and gave him my number. Crap, now he thinks I like him. And everyone was trying to set us up… saying we would be perfect together. Ya… if he had a different personality.

So then after the party, my friend asked me if I liked him, and of course I didn’t, so I told her the truth. And she asked why I didn’t, because he liked me. I really didn’t want to get in a conversation about how creepy he was. So I just kept walking, and it turns out he was right behind us.

But of course that didn’t stop him from trying to sit next to me in the limo ride home. And thankfully my friend said “move, I’m sitting here” and sat in between us. And then it got worse.

SpongeBob and my friend started talking about their favorite movies, and my friend said “Human Centipede.” If you haven’t heard of it, DON’T LOOK IT UP. REALLY. IT IS SCARRING. And while they were talking about making a human centipede (with themselves, ew), I was really wishing that I could be sitting next to Swimmer. Because this guy was a serious creep.

And now he has my number. Well… let’s see how that goes! Maybe I’ll ask Swimmer to come play tennis with us sometime, hopefully he’s more normal (read: nerdy and non-creepy) 🙂

Until next time, Em