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Sweater Diaries #8

Today I went shopping and saw Snowflake Lane, which definitely did NOT live up to my expectations. I was expecting a parade type thing, and instead they just played music and some people were playing the drums (how you can play the drums to “What Makes You Beautiful,” I do not know) and everyone was honking their stupid noise makers right in my ear. On purpose (cough my brother cough)… yep, not my idea of a fun night. A night in with Skylar Astin via “Pitch Perfect”? Yep. Perfect night right there.

Anyways, my family and I went shopping and I got this cute peacoat at JCPenney because (a) I’ve needed/wanted a peacoat since, like, the 7th grade and (b) because it was on sale (yay boxing day and clearance sales!)

picture via jcpenney

I also knit more of my sweater (I am seriously despising this thing now… I wish I was DONE already), and I got new knitting needles (47″ holy mustaches… super long but perfect for knitting a sweater!)


Almost done with the body... so close

Almost done with the body… so close

74 rows out of 80... almost there!

74 rows out of 80… almost there!

After I finish the 6 rows remaining, I will add the sleeves back into the mix, and continue knitting a (ginormous) sweater… the colorwork is definitely going to be fun, that’s for sure!

Until next time, Em 🙂

Secret Santa and Delicious Tea

At my school, a yearly tradition is giving another student “secret santa” gifts. This year, the themes are “warm/cozy”, “tasty”, and “first letter of their name”.

For warm and cozy, I made a hat (snowflakes, if you can’t tell):

EDIT: I also knit a cute little bow tie! I’ll post a a picture sometime 🙂


For tasty, I’m giving her Starburst (her favorite candy) and some homemade snicker bars:


For first letter of her name, I compiled a bunch of “spa essentials” from Ulta’s Black Friday Sale (5 for $5) and from Target’s $1 section:


Fairisle socks, snowflake socks, a face mask, red nail polish, a pumice stone, and Frosted Sugar Plum face wipes.

I also made some bags to package the gifts in – and for family gifts also. It was super convenient that Green Club at my school (which I co-lead) had a sewing party today, because I got to make 9 bags today. Hehe.


I’m using the maroon shapes bag, the holiday lights bag, and the green holiday decorations bag.

Also, my dad got me some new tea! This is one of my very favorite teas, Market Spice Cinnamon Orange Black Tea. It’s super cheap when you buy loose leaf, which is great. I found this tea when one of my mom’s friends introduced me to it. Ever since, I’ve been in love with it.


Until next time, Em 🙂

I put some new shoes on…

This weekend, I had a band concert (which was super fun, especially because I got to play handbells and cello, at a joint school and band concert). Anyways, I needed some new shoes, especially because my dress shoes that I wear for special occasions and Full Dress Mondays at my school are completely ripped up at the front and back. So I decided to get these shoes, which are super spiffy. And totally fancy. *cough cough*

I was going to get these (I like the knit tongue more) but sadly, they didn’t have them at famous footwear.

herp derp in other events, I am super excited to watch The Mindy Project tonight… since I missed it yesterday… sigh.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Photo a day: day 19

Day 19: What you’re wearing



So, it’s not a big secret that I like consignment stores. Anywhere that you can get Converse for $10 and Nikes for $35 is my friend. So when I went to my favorite (aka the only one I go to) consignment store, and learned that almost everything was half off, I wanted to buy half of the store. But I didn’t. I got the shirt on the left for about $4.50 (regular $9, retail probably around $30) along with some Khaki capris for about $7.50 (regular $15, retail around $30). This shirt is really awesome because of the colors on the sleeves and neckline, and the fact that the sides are this mesh-type material, which is great for exercising (that word doesn’t look right).

The shorts on the right are one of my favorite pairs of shorts. I just love stripes. ‘Nuff said.

The jacket is one that I got at a Lululemon outlet store about 4 years ago. These retail for around $120, if not more, but I got this one for around $35. This is why I love outlet stores.

Until next time, Em 🙂