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Why are my teachers so out of sync?!

Literally this Thursday, this is what I have due:

1. Spanish test! Yay! We all know I love those!

2. A vocab test! Four pages of fun!

3. Memorizing a speech from Shakespeare that I don’t give a flip about!

4. A history essay on American Intervention in Other Countries! Woohoo!

Apparently we have a test calendar at my school so that this doesn’t happen, but apparently these are the three teachers that don’t use it.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Hopefully grunting isn’t a motif of Shakespeare’s plays…

Today in English class we had a sub, which is really lucky (seeing as it’s the first day back and that teacher is freaking scary). We’re currently reading As You Like It by Shakespeare, which is totally over my head. I have no idea what’s happening. But there are some pretty exciting things that happen in that play, I’ll tell you that much.

We were listening to an audio book of the play in class, and then we came upon an… interesting… scene. Two of the characters are wrestling (don’t ask me why) and in the play, there is literally one line dedicated to the event. ONE LINE. 

The audio book, though? Not so much. There was grunting. For a full one and a half minutes. The characters said a few lines in between the grunts, but did we actually hear what they were saying? Nope. We were too focused on the GRUNTS. The sub had to turn down the sound, it was so loud. We were all hiding behind our books, laughing about the hilarity of the event.

I feel so sorry for the sub. Seriously, you help out in an Honors Brit Lit class and expect to read a play and talk about it, but no. Grunting audio books. Seriously. I’m actually happy that we had a sub, because seriously, having a 75 year old (nun) teacher having to sit though 1.5 min of that with us laughing our heads off? I don’t know if she would make it out alive.

I was telling my friends about it after class, and it just so happened that these friends have a class right next to us at the same time. Apparently they could hear the whole thing (though not the grunting) because they were having quiet group activities. Yup.

Until next time, Em 🙂

I don’t know what to think…

I just had this very strange dream…

I was in my school, getting ready to leave because I had to go catch the bus, and then I walked into a classroom where my teacher was with a bunch of my classmates from junior high (who I don’t like. Not my crowd.). And then this girl was like “oh let’s video tape this” so apparently the kids from my old school were fish? Like it was an aquarium? But they looked like people… and then she was like “oh let’s change the background” because they were standing in front of a whiteboard. So I had to use this thing from Paint:


I’ve never noticed how this actually looks like one of those little paint pallete things that you use when you’re young.

to make the whiteboard an ombre (making that a noun lol) of blues… strange. So then I left the room, and the kids from my old school were in front of me, and they were writing on the air and stuff,  “Class of 2014” and stuff. Whatever.

Then the second part of my dream.

I walked out of the doors to go into a room that looked oddly like my brother’s cafeteria, which was full of people having a club meeting (but some of the people were graduates, which is very strange  Plus they were all wearing purple). I was wearing my backpack which was super heavy and it was kind of lopsided, so I leaned against the stage-thing to adjust it but everyone got mad at me because they were watching a PowerPoint. So then I tried to walk to the upper tier of the room (like a balcony but not exactly…) to get across the room to catch my bus, but then this girl from the grade above me was like “no! you have to go this way!” but for some reason she was in a wheelchair, and I couldn’t get by her because I had on this ginormous backpack and it was super crowded. And then I woke up.

So yeah, I hope you enjoyed my story.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Lost in Austen Pt. 1: Live blogging at it’s finest

This is what I thought when I was watching the first episode:

  • i wish we had double decker buses
  • “”how do i look” “like you put your lipstick on by eating it” hehehe
  • ew the bf is so ugly
  • did someone just come out of her bathtub??!
  • i’ve acutally seen a door that opens to air
  • “you are the key” lolol
  • “it is talored in your underthings” hm. strange.
  • how did she know it was elizabeth bennet?!
  • the wall is kinda cool – mosaicy and stuff. but is it just paint samples and the mom was too lazy to actually finish?
  • I wish i could walk into a book 😥
  • just wait till she figures out that she doesn’t have electricity or a bathroom
  • lydia is strange…
  • lol girl on girl action? pubes? oh my word
  • otterhunting?
  • bingley… hm he needs to trim his eyebrows
  • “we lend each other books. it’s practically a marriage”
  • elizabeth the very goatiest
  • mr bingley likes writing, unlike some people 😉 (ZIA)
  • “large gatherings of society bring me out in hives. as do small gatherings.” omg me
  • actually he’s kind of cute… (bingley)
  • are they trying to get rid of amanda?
  • birch twigs? how is that a toothbrush?
  • is that georgiana? oh. it’s caroline. bleh
  • mr. collins? handsome? ew
  • does charlotte know?! (that amanda is from the future)
  • i wonder if amanda will like darcy? hm.
  • bingley only has eyes for amanda! 😥
  • hm, darcy looks kinda like colin firth. but… hm.  no.
  • lol amanda doesn’t know how to dance at all
  • lol she’s lighting her cigarette on the lamp
  • “you even breathe fire” !? lol
  • love making?!
  • ball breaker? lol
  • he just offered her his coat? and then there’s darcy in the background lol
  • has she tried to unlcok it? (the door)
  • Does Mr. bennet love lizzie? omg incest
  • lol “he’s not colin firth”
  • “physically he fills his britches pretty well, but he doens’t float my boat” lol
  • lol mrs. bennet is so unlikeable

Until next time, Em 🙂

P.S. ~ I was talking to my friend just now…

Me: “Should I do homework or go to [insert town name here]? (I have a college night thing in 3 hours and I’m stuck at school)

My teacher (sneaking up on me – creepy): “homework.”

Me: *WTF WHY ARE YOU HERE* “well I want to do homework, but really I don’t…”

My friend: *says something about history class*

Me: “OH YEAH! are we gonna watch that movie?”

My teacher: “which one”

*me trying to figure out the movie name*

Me: “you know, you said we could watch the rated R for nudity one (he said it was ok as long as he covered the screen lol) or the Auschwitz one or… the other one”

My teacher: “Schindler’s list?”

Me: “YES! It looked so fun!”

My teacher: “History class is not for fun.” *walks away*