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When doing homework or studying for a test:

My brain: Okay, let’s get this study session started! We have a 3 hour assignment for English, a bio test and bio final exam to study for, a Spanish final to study for, and a history reading. Let’s go! I’m ready!

Me: Okay, but first I have to write down this quote from a book I read. Oh, then I need to stalk the person I like on tumblr. Haven’t done that for a few days. And maybe they posted something new on Facebook? We better check that too. Oh, and then I need to put a hold on every single Billy Joel CD at the library. Pronto. Hm, I better get some food. That’d be nice. Oh, we don’t have any? Well, I better go to the store, then. Oh, I also need some hair gel and some gloss paint for my sneakers. I mean, I’ll be in the general vicinity anyway… okay, so it’s 10 minutes away. Still. Now to paint my sneakers! Ooh I haven’t watched the latest episode of The Mindy Project. Or Once Upon a Time. Come to think of it, I think I’ve missed a few episodes of Modern Family too. Oooh, how about H2O? It’s been a few months since I watched it… too long.

My brain: Okay, you seriously need to study. Now.

Me: Oh, yeah. Let’s make a blog post first.

Until next time, Em 🙂

It just kind of scares me, I guess.

Tonight I was thinking about a very exciting event in my near future: graduation.

Okay. So I’m not graduating until next year. But still. The seniors are FREAKING OUT and crying and stuff, and it made me think.

How many more times am I going to do these things with my friends?

  • Have “Free Dress Friday”
  • Go and have Bubble Tea together and look at all the weird clothes at Target
  • Have tennis practice [we make it fun!]
  • Have seriously deep conversations at our tennis matches [ok, mostly just awkward things that happen at volunteering, but still. I’m gonna miss this.]
  • Have “Tie Tuesday” [and have all my friends say “you look like Mr. fillintheblankteacher!” and have me say “omg I’m wearing a button down shirt, GET OVER IT.”]
  • Spend the whole math class period taking IB practice tests [ok, I actually love these packets.]
  • Hang out after school and do who-knows-what
  • Hang out before handbells concerts
  • Talk about how annoying the other grades are
  • Squeal over LBD/TV shows
  • Talk about tea
  • Stress out about the latest English reading/test/essay coming up

It’s kind of scary. I mean, on one hand, I’m happy to graduate [so, so, happy], but on the other hand, I’m never going to see some of these people again [which is a good thing] [except at our reunions, but stop ruining this for me].

Sigh. My friends and I better keep in touch. Skype to the rescue!

Until next time, Em 🙂

Why are my teachers so out of sync?!

Literally this Thursday, this is what I have due:

1. Spanish test! Yay! We all know I love those!

2. A vocab test! Four pages of fun!

3. Memorizing a speech from Shakespeare that I don’t give a flip about!

4. A history essay on American Intervention in Other Countries! Woohoo!

Apparently we have a test calendar at my school so that this doesn’t happen, but apparently these are the three teachers that don’t use it.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Hopefully grunting isn’t a motif of Shakespeare’s plays…

Today in English class we had a sub, which is really lucky (seeing as it’s the first day back and that teacher is freaking scary). We’re currently reading As You Like It by Shakespeare, which is totally over my head. I have no idea what’s happening. But there are some pretty exciting things that happen in that play, I’ll tell you that much.

We were listening to an audio book of the play in class, and then we came upon an… interesting… scene. Two of the characters are wrestling (don’t ask me why) and in the play, there is literally one line dedicated to the event. ONE LINE. 

The audio book, though? Not so much. There was grunting. For a full one and a half minutes. The characters said a few lines in between the grunts, but did we actually hear what they were saying? Nope. We were too focused on the GRUNTS. The sub had to turn down the sound, it was so loud. We were all hiding behind our books, laughing about the hilarity of the event.

I feel so sorry for the sub. Seriously, you help out in an Honors Brit Lit class and expect to read a play and talk about it, but no. Grunting audio books. Seriously. I’m actually happy that we had a sub, because seriously, having a 75 year old (nun) teacher having to sit though 1.5 min of that with us laughing our heads off? I don’t know if she would make it out alive.

I was telling my friends about it after class, and it just so happened that these friends have a class right next to us at the same time. Apparently they could hear the whole thing (though not the grunting) because they were having quiet group activities. Yup.

Until next time, Em 🙂