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Why are my teachers so out of sync?!

Literally this Thursday, this is what I have due:

1. Spanish test! Yay! We all know I love those!

2. A vocab test! Four pages of fun!

3. Memorizing a speech from Shakespeare that I don’t give a flip about!

4. A history essay on American Intervention in Other Countries! Woohoo!

Apparently we have a test calendar at my school so that this doesn’t happen, but apparently these are the three teachers that don’t use it.

Until next time, Em 🙂

I just feel like punching some people in the face. With a shovel.

I had my band concert today (yay!) and aside from procrastinating on my homework and freaking out about the fact that it’s 11.00 right now, not 10.00 because of Daylight Savings Time (Sigh. Why can’t we just have the “fall back” part and skip the “spring forward” part?! Oh wait, my mother just informed me that it’s next week. Phew), I encountered some very annoying situations.

Anyways… here is why I feel like punching someone right now:

1. My conductor told us our call time was 5.15, when it should’ve been 6.15. Yay.

2. I was hanging out with my friend during this two hour long par-tay before our concert, and we were admiring the spiffy band shoes that the people had at the high school where our concert was held. And then one of the moms that was chaperoning/helping out came over to us and told us to stop touching the shoes… seriously, we were just looking at what sizes peoples’s shoes were. The sizes were written on slips of tape on the cabinet. Not on the shoes. GO AWAY.

2. After being given a lecture, we decided to look at the music they had. Those little pieces of paper are so cool. It’s minuscule font, because apparently the marching band has plastic holders for their music close to their faces (how do they know where they’re going?!). Anyways, we were looking at all the cool songs they play, when the same mom said “you guys aren’t messing up their music, are you?” Uh, no. We were looking at the music that they were playing. We touched max 5 pieces of paper and did NOT take them off the shelf. akdjfdlk go away.

Ahh, okay, the music isn’t attached to their hats or anything… that’s what I thought…

3. Then I was showing my friends my car keys (I drove by myself, yay!) when THE SAME MOM asked me “whose keys are those?” like I had stolen somebody’s keys out of their bag. WHAT. THE. FUDGE. Aughhhh seriously?!

4. When I was driving home in the pitch black, this super slow car was in front of me. They were going max 40mph on a 45mph road, which was annoying. But that’s not the worst part. We came up to a bend in the road where a stop light was. There was even one of those little lights that shows you if it’s a green light or not before you turn the corner so you don’t run a red light or anything. I don’t know what this car was doing, but it LITERALLY stopped. In the middle of the road. On a 45mph road. What. The. Fudge. Everything in my car flew forward, and I seriously felt like flipping them off right then and there. Luckily the road split into two lanes and I got into the other lane, but *magically* the car sped up when I got into the other lane. So much for pulling up next to them and flipping them off.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Lost in Austen Pt. 2: Live blogging at it’s finest

My thoughts on the second episode…

  • what if jane dies?!
  • yes. get jane into bed. with bingley.
  • lol drugs?
  • looks like someone wants amanda to stay here
  • lol he can’t stop thinking about her lips?
  • omg did she just…. she’s… did she just play that card?!
  • steer the punt from the cambrige end? lol
  • his sideburns look like caterpillars
  • but now amanda can’t get together w/ darcy
  • why are they eating alone?
  • is that dead birds?
  • miserable sod? lol
  • did he just smile? omg maybe he likes amanda…
  • that’s like two pianos in one
  • wht if she plays “chopsticks” or something lol
  • thank you, darcy. obv she can’t play piano
  • to the windows to the walls till the sweat drips down my… oh nope you’re singing another song
  • slow clap
  • lol he sounds like a grandpa talking with kids… so awkward with the language of today
  • “i’m all the hind, like a duck’s tail”
  • darcy is ugly.
  • is the mom trying to set up amanda’s brother with one of her daugthers?!
  • lol she woiuldn’t share a bag of chips with he brother… let alone her house
  • jane is trying to get amanda to marry darcy… she already knows how good he is! she doesn’t need convincing!
  • “not fitted for bingley” !?
  • ugh. wickham.
  • lol amanda hates wickham alredy! good girl
  • did wickham just check amanda out? ewww
  • ewww mr. collins!!! ew
  • ewww he looks like the young neville but uglier
  • two weeks? fortunate? no ew
  • “lord let it be kitty” lol she knows how it should be!
  • “king of the mingers”
  • “squeezes himself through the pants” ew
  • “sniffs himself” omg barf
  • whoremonger lol
  • “was a great beauty” lol not anymore i guess?
  • “promethean misery of marriage to collins” lol
  • yuck he just kissed her hand
  • “i would kiss your every garment” ?! ew

– i actually showed this part to my friend who was in the room with me while i was watching and she practically threw up too.

  • except charlotte isn’t supposed to give him love… it’s practical not romantic
  • he thought she was talking about herself? ew
  • ew he’s sniffing himself
  • omg bingley is bewiched by jane! 🙂
  • endless top-hats
  • “grossly relation” lol
  • darcy looks pissed off about the engagement
  • oooh darcy hates wickham!
  • why does jane think that bingley doesn’t like her?
  • “my dear” ?! ew
  • husband hunting lol
  • his sideburns look like cheetos
  • “i wouldn’t have my deficit redressed by you if you were the last man on earth”
  • he has found something of great interest… her?!?!
  • lol she just quoted darcy… and he is so confused
  • A BALL WOOT! I wish i could go to one…
  • shaved her legs with a potato peeler lol

– i also showed my friend this part and she said that she used twigs as toothbrushes, but never potato peelers to shave lets

  • “a muppet like collins” lol
  • ms. price, the instrument of satan? no you have to end up with her!
  • why are fish in her blood?
  • what’s a fish monger? oh.
  • “you little tinker” lol
  • ew is the mom trying to hook up jane and mr. collins? ew.
  • are they getting married? ew.
  • omg no they did not just kiss.
  • ew he just touched his lips ew. after touching other things. ew.
  • lol for a moment i thought charlotte would catch the bouquet and marry bingley
  • NO DON’T GET REELED IN (pun intended)
  • “hands slithering all over your a**” lolol
  • lol now she sounds like a creep… having him in her mind since she was 12
  • “you repel me” omg 😥
  • lolol she reminds me of elizabeth, hating him – but… but…. she has to end up with him

Looking over these notes is actually super funny…. ahh reliving the wonderful moments of LIA… except not Mr. Collins “squeezing himself through his pocket” OMG DIE IN A HOLE AND THEN I CAN BARF ALL OVER YOUR GRAVE.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Lost in Austen Pt. 1: Live blogging at it’s finest

This is what I thought when I was watching the first episode:

  • i wish we had double decker buses
  • “”how do i look” “like you put your lipstick on by eating it” hehehe
  • ew the bf is so ugly
  • did someone just come out of her bathtub??!
  • i’ve acutally seen a door that opens to air
  • “you are the key” lolol
  • “it is talored in your underthings” hm. strange.
  • how did she know it was elizabeth bennet?!
  • the wall is kinda cool – mosaicy and stuff. but is it just paint samples and the mom was too lazy to actually finish?
  • I wish i could walk into a book 😥
  • just wait till she figures out that she doesn’t have electricity or a bathroom
  • lydia is strange…
  • lol girl on girl action? pubes? oh my word
  • otterhunting?
  • bingley… hm he needs to trim his eyebrows
  • “we lend each other books. it’s practically a marriage”
  • elizabeth the very goatiest
  • mr bingley likes writing, unlike some people 😉 (ZIA)
  • “large gatherings of society bring me out in hives. as do small gatherings.” omg me
  • actually he’s kind of cute… (bingley)
  • are they trying to get rid of amanda?
  • birch twigs? how is that a toothbrush?
  • is that georgiana? oh. it’s caroline. bleh
  • mr. collins? handsome? ew
  • does charlotte know?! (that amanda is from the future)
  • i wonder if amanda will like darcy? hm.
  • bingley only has eyes for amanda! 😥
  • hm, darcy looks kinda like colin firth. but… hm.  no.
  • lol amanda doesn’t know how to dance at all
  • lol she’s lighting her cigarette on the lamp
  • “you even breathe fire” !? lol
  • love making?!
  • ball breaker? lol
  • he just offered her his coat? and then there’s darcy in the background lol
  • has she tried to unlcok it? (the door)
  • Does Mr. bennet love lizzie? omg incest
  • lol “he’s not colin firth”
  • “physically he fills his britches pretty well, but he doens’t float my boat” lol
  • lol mrs. bennet is so unlikeable

Until next time, Em 🙂

P.S. ~ I was talking to my friend just now…

Me: “Should I do homework or go to [insert town name here]? (I have a college night thing in 3 hours and I’m stuck at school)

My teacher (sneaking up on me – creepy): “homework.”

Me: *WTF WHY ARE YOU HERE* “well I want to do homework, but really I don’t…”

My friend: *says something about history class*

Me: “OH YEAH! are we gonna watch that movie?”

My teacher: “which one”

*me trying to figure out the movie name*

Me: “you know, you said we could watch the rated R for nudity one (he said it was ok as long as he covered the screen lol) or the Auschwitz one or… the other one”

My teacher: “Schindler’s list?”

Me: “YES! It looked so fun!”

My teacher: “History class is not for fun.” *walks away*



I check my inbox to see if I have any e-mails from the library… AND I DO. Woot woot! Time to read some e-books, cuz I just finished Reached by Ally Condie (I recommend all of her books, omg so amazing) and I need some new reading material.

But then when I go to check out the e-books, IT SAYS IT’S NOT READY TO CHECK OUT. What is this?!

Well, Harry Potter #2 was ready to check out, so I guess that’s a bright side.

But still! I want to read my mermaid story (don’t judge, I like mermaids. It all stemmed from my love of the show H2O. I watched all 3 seasons in less than a month [over summer break] So, obviously I like mermaids.)

Anyways, I’m off to go read the magicallness that is HP. And you know, procrastinate on my homework. Heh heh.

Until next time, Em 🙂

P.S. ~ I did borrow this awesome sweatshirt from my friend (that I will soon be getting – If I ever get the e-mail that they’re ready to pick up)… so that’s good! I’ll wear in my next TAP video, so you all can see it. Yay!

Oh dear…

This is literally what I do with my life. I’ve been sitting at my computer for 1.5hrs watching danisnotonfire videos. Seriously. And… don’t pay attention to the thumbnail. It doesn’t relate to the video. He explains… just watch it. I practically pissed my pants while watching this. I had to pause it multiple times, go downstairs, get water, walk up the stairs (while having a laugh/cough attack) and then come back upstairs to watch more of the video. And then continue laughing.
Until next time, Em 🙂