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even more fun facts about yours truly

These questions come from Jesse over at Hello Obsession. Enjoy!

1. What size is your bed?
Full size! I am so excited to finally get a bigger bed so that I can put a bunch of pillows on it and still sleep in it (without falling out because of the pillows)

2. What is your song of the week?
I have no idea… maybe Stay the Night by James Blunt? It’s one of my favorite songs, ever.

3. Would you bury treasure if you had some?
Funny story, when I was younger, my brother and I buried a bunch of toy cars and we never found half of them, so I guess the next owners of our house will find them someday… okay that wasn’t even a funny story… so, no I wouldn’t, because I would probably forget about it. As shown by my story.

4. Are you afraid of heights?
Not exactly. I love doing those obstacle course things in the sky, and zip lining, and rock climbing. But sometimes I feel queasy when I’m up high… I’m not scared or anything, but I have that feeling that you get when you’re on a roller coaster. Stomach in the throat thing.

5. Do you sing in the shower?
If I was to sing in the shower, animal control would probably be called – to rescue a beluga whale that washed up in my shower 😉

6. Do you believe in ghosts?
No? Honestly, if I was to believe in ghosts, then I would lead a very frightened life indeed. Every noise that my house makes when I’m home alone is super frightening, and I don’t need to throw ghosts in the mix too. But yeah, maybe.

7. What was the worst injury you had?
In fifth grade my class was playing nerf football during recess and a kid threw the football at my face (not on purpose) and my glasses broke. I guess that’s the worse.
OH, and I sprained my wrist in fifth grade, when I ran into one of those white street-sidewalk dividers when I was riding my bike home. I flew over my handlebars and I’m surprised I didn’t get hit by a car. My dad made me bike all the way home and I couldn’t brake my bike, so I flew down the hill we live on and… yeah. I don’t like biking on hills anymore.

8. Coffee or tea? why?
Coffee tastes so scrumptious – especially when I have a late curling match… and I’m suddenly great at tennis when I drink it.
Tea has so many flavors… like Chai Tea Lattes, Dublin Fogs, Market Spice Cinnamon-Orange (so delicious… *faint*), etc.
I like tea when I want something sweet/fruity flavored, and coffee, anytime else.
Also, I love drinking hot cocoa and coffee mixed :3

9. Are you patient?

10. What was the last text message you sent?
“Aw 😦 How long is it?” – Lana had a 4 hour ballet rehearsal

11. What do you want for your first tattoo/what was your first tattoo?
If I ever met Chris Pine, I would have him sign my arm and then get a tattoo of it.

Or a mustache on my finger, so I could do this:

Until next time, Em 🙂

Welcome to IB, people

Have you ever heard of the IB? It stands for International Baccalaureate (when I tried to spell it Bacchauloriate, it said I was wrong and suggested “Chateaubriand” as a replacement…), but people at my school swear it stands for International Bitch-Slap. And I completely agree.

I knew Junior Year was going to be harder than Sophomore Year… it’s pretty obvious when you look at how my Sophomore  English teacher grades (you could say the sky was blue and he would say “that is a great observation”), and how the Junior English teacher grades (I don’t have her yet, I switch to her half-way through the year; if you’re lucky you get half your paper covered in red pen. If you’re not lucky… the whole thing is covered)

Seriously, though? I just got an International Bitch-Slap right in the face…

I used to like math class (I still do… just not IB)… then came the first test of the year. Financial Math. I thought I did pretty good, and then we got our tests back. Our teacher told us that the class average was 75%… and let’s just say the school average is around 95% ON EVERYTHING. Our teacher also said that 75% was a good grade, that it’s average.

We all freaked out, thinking, at our school, 90% is a “failing” grade.

And then our teacher told us how she converted our percentage grade to our “IB grade”… by the way each problem is worth 2-6 points, 1 point for Method and 1 point for Answer for each part of the question

1. The test is out of 50 points. Let’s say I got 27 points right.

2. First you multiply the score I got by 2 to get my percentage (54%)

3. Then you take the square root of that percentage (7.35)

4. Then you multiply that by 10 (73.49)

So in reality, I should have gotten a 54%, but I got a 73.49% instead… great.

After that terrible class (which consisted of 2 long note-worksheet things that took 90 minutes after the terrible test results), I had English. AKA the worst class ever. We’re reading The Metamorphosis right now, and let’s just say that book sucks. So we were writing our essays during class (it was assigned one week before it’s due – Junior year for you), and I forgot my book at home. So Lana and I e-mailed back and forth funny things, like this book, which is a journal for your cat. I about busted a gut while reading the description. The company also makes a Jane-A-Day Journal, where a Jane Austen quote is featured every day. Pretty awesome.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Photo a day…

So I am finally posting my photo a day pictures… 5 days late. I still haven’t taken a picture of my breakfast… I guess I’ll do that tomorrow hahaha 🙂 but here’s the other 4 pictures!

Day 2: Sunset

We have pretty awesome sunsets over here, with cotton-candy colored clouds and purple and green skies. No I’m not joking, I caught the purple and green skies on photo, maybe I’ll upload them another day?

Day 3: Art

This is a license-plate collage I found at a garage sale 2 years ago for just $1! It’s a picture of the original, in a sense, because it’s not real license plates (there’s only one of those and it’s like $300)… but it’s a reproduction. Anyways, I’ve been keeping this in my dining room (sitting on the floor, no less) for 2 years because there wasn’t any space in my room, but I just recently (yesterday and today) remodeled my room so now I have a place to put it!

Day 4: Something you made

So I was totally procrastinating on getting Lana a birthday present (it was the day before her party) when I found this beauty at Michael’s. It’s actually a cardboard/paper mache box shaped like a book, and I painted the Gryffindor crest on it.

Day 5: Something fun and exciting

So I just remodeled my room (as mentioned above) and when I went to IKEA to get my new bed, I saw this beauty hanging up in one of the fake-rooms. It’s a wire that you screw onto the wall, and at IKEA they had sheet music clipped to it. I instantly fell in love and bought it. I can finally practice in my room 🙂 Also, this might be considered cheating, but I really want to include my handprint painting I made 2 years ago. It’s too good to pass up, so here it is:

I literally painted my hand in art class at the starting of the day and kept the paint on my hand for the rest of the day. It was pretty awesome.

Until next time, Em 🙂

My life in a nutshell…

I was innocently swinging (in the same greenbelt where that creepy guy was yesterday) when this really hot guy walked by with this mom. I was very much enjoying looking at his face when I realized that his mom was looking at me… great. I bet she told him that I was totally staring at him for a full 15 seconds. My life in a nutshell.

Also, this weekend I’m going to a church party with Lana, Anna, and this cute/smart/musical guy…. let’s see how this turns out. Related to that, apparently we’re starting a band at my church! My brother and I are going to play the cello and violin respectively, and the aforementioned cute/smart/musical guy will play guitar! Now we just need a singer, drummer, and bassist. Anna wants to sing with us, but let’s just say when she tried out for choir, the teacher actually cringed (she told me this)… I’m not sure how that’s gonna work out.

Until next time, Em 🙂

My friends rock…

Yesterday Lana and I were staying after school because we had a handbell concert… and we decided to dress up in these humongous pants (I could tie them around my neck and wear them as overalls… and I did) and run around in the hall by the faculty meeting. And then we took videos of us pretending to play the handbells and sent them to Megan. It was epic. The handbell concert went horribly, if you were wondering. Nobody played together and apparently no one looked at the conductor for the three pieces we played.

During chemistry class Megan and I were doing a lab, and we already knew what answer we were supposed to get. And when we didn’t get that answer, let’s just say we freaked out. We decided to… tweak our answers a bit… we were total ninjas.

And then when Megan, Mimi, me, and Christy (an exchange student) went to volunteer at a food bank… that’s when it got interesting. Mimi, Christy, and I went up to the loft to bag diapers. Then a shipment of bread came and we had to go unload it. It was pretty epic because we had to throw these bags of bread over our shoulders into this big crate. And I sort of hit Mimi and Christy in the head with the bread. I felt like Peeta. And once that thought popped into my head I started laughing really hard and started flinging the bread like a mad-woman. It was actually hilarious. Then when we were done we came back inside to finish packing the diapers. Well, once we got back up to the loft we noticed a REALLY HOT GUY. Now, I’m not talking cute. I’m talking IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL TO BE THAT HOT good looking. Christy started staring at him, and saying stuff like “oh my gosh guys” and “I have a perfect view of him”…. but that wasn’t the end of it. Megan was sitting right by him (Later she told us they were actually having a conversation! He’s a senior!) and we were waving at her and miming being hot and pointing at the cute guy. Well let’s just say that HE SAW US. He saw us pointing at him and screaming “Megan! Look!” Oh my word. But that’s not the worst. When we got back to school (we volunteer during one of our classes) Megan told us that she talked to him (as mentioned above) and that he has a gauge in his ear… ew. But he was still super good looking. And apparently there was another guy close to Megan who looked like this cute guy but didn’t have a hole in his ear. I wish I had seen him. Also, a few weeks ago, Christy and Mimi saw this really cute guy, and were screaming about it while stealing brownies from the staff lounge. Now, I saw a cute guy there, but I have no idea if it was the same one (I think it was. He was so good looking.)

Two days ago I had my last band concert. I’m so sad it’s over, but at least I have the summer camp to look forward to!  We played this song where the guy who plays trumpet has an AMAZING SOLO. I seriously stopped breathing. I ordered the DVD, so maybe I can upload it sometime! I’ve decided to start playing trumpet over the summer. I’ve wanted to play ever since 7th grade, but this kid is like my role model, so I’ve decided to finally start.

What are your most awkward stories?

Until next time, Em 🙂

This is gonna be epic. Or just fail with epic style.

While writing that title, I realized that no, epicly is NOT a word. Sad but true.

Anyways, the day has finally come for me to do…. drumroll… LIVE BLOGGING!!! If you don’t know what that is, it’s pretty much when you write a blog post while doing something very important.

Backstory: yesterday I went to a concert and saw a kid who looked like Swimmer. And now I am going to tell Anna.


Em: “Should I tell my friend who knows him? She would laugh so hard!”

Shelly: “Yeah probably.”

Em: “What do I sayyyyyyyyyy?!”

Shelly: “I meant she would laugh really hard, but I suggest you don’t. Do whatever you want. My guess is because she is your friend she will try to help set you up with him.”

Em: “Oh I see. Here goes nothing!”

Shelly: “Bon chance!”

Em: “dkjskjsakncke”


Em: “I just saw a kid who looks just like Swimmer!”

Lana: “That is amazing.”

Em: “Haha yes! His hair looked just like Swimmer’s and I was like OH MY GOD I LOVE YOUR HAIR (but I didn’t tell him that!) Anyways should I tell my friend who knows him “hey I saw someone who looked like Swimmer yesterday!!!” or would it just be awkward?”

Lana: “You should!!!!!!!!!!”


Lana: “Say “oh the other day I was at a concert and I saw someone that kinda looked like Swimmer. Isn’t that weird?” or something like that”


12:27 – Starts typing: “I just saw this kid who looks just like Swimmer… creepy stuff going on with all of these look-alikes happening.”

*looking at my phone like it is going to blow up*




12:33 – This was a terrible idea. Plus the fact that I sent my message 10 minutes after she replied to my “dude!” message… not great.

12:38 – Still no reply. I’m gonna go do some homework. BRB


Em: “Dude!”

Anna: “Whattttt”

Em: “I just saw a kid who looks just like Swimmer… creepy stuff going on with all of these look-alikes happening.”

Anna: “Yeah or maybe you’re just seeing all the guys you’re in love with ;)”


Em: “Excuse me? Why would you think I’m in love with Swimmer?”

(Smooth, Em. Smooth.)

Anna: “I don’t know maybe because you’re seeing him everywhere.”

Em: “Uhh what I saw a kid who looked like him… but ok whatever floats your boat!”

Anna: “Haha and I see you didn’t deny loving Justin Bieber.” (I told her I saw someone who looked like him yesterday)

Em: “I don’t, it was just weird seeing his doppleganger.”

Anna: “Haha good use of a Vampire Diaries word.”


Well, that wen’t surprisingly well. Sort of. Anyways, today I dropped my dad’s phone (I was using his because I dropped mine and it got the white screen of death because it is a really cheap phone) and it now has cracks all over it… sigh. At least replacement screens are only like $10!

Until next time, Em 🙂