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You want awkward? I’ll show you awkward.

Today is senior prank day at my school, complete with croquet and bowling in the hallways, beach balls everywhere, and a hammock and wading pools on the lawn. During lunch my friends and I played croquet and bowling, played volleyball with beach balls, and tried to fit 5 people on the hammock. Why are we forever alone, you ask? Well I’ll tell you why, complete with a totally awkward story!

Background: Megan tried to set me up with her younger brother, who has a surprisingly deep voice for his age. And apparently he has abs?! I never would have guessed; according to Megan, he “sits at the computer all day eating ice cream and M&M’s”…. sounds like me.

Location: I was ushering at the school play (techies all the way)

Situation: Taylor (Megan’s brother) walked up to me and proceeded to say “hi”. For some reason I was feeling really introverted/socially awkward and proceeded to grunt “hey”. Taylor then walked away, apparently realizing I didn’t want to talk to him (I was just being socially awkward! I swear, I repel boys), and my friend Katie started laughing at me and she said “that’s Megan’s brother! You totally just blew him off! He was trying to talk to you and you ignore him!”. “Yes I know who he is, and I said hi…” I replied. Of course she continues laughing at my awkwardness…. my life in a nutshell.

Until next time, Em 🙂