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Why I Don’t Like People: A Memoir

So… I mentioned in my last post that yesterday pretty much sucked. Let me tell you why:

1. I love hammocks. When I found out that Anna had one, I immediately jumped in it and expected a few minutes to lay and relax. Not likely. Anna and this little kid (read: brat) ran over and tried to push me out after about… 30 seconds of peace. I tried not to get annoyed, but it’s seriously hard when I AM WILLING TO LET THEM GET IN THE HAMMOCK but they just push me out so they can get on.

2.  I got out of the hammock and decided to go and have some quiet time in a recliner that they had. That was fun for about 1 minute before Anna started yelling at me, saying that I was “rude” for not wanting to talk 24/7. Oh, and the best part? The little kid started mimicking her. I’m sorry if I’m an introvert, and if you can’t get over that then why are we even friends?!

3. Anna wouldn’t talk to me for the rest of the night because I wanted to sit alone for 2 minutes.

4. When Anna, JB (her brother), JB’s friend, and I played LIFE (which started out fun)… she got in an argument with JB and quit and said “oh I’ll be just like Em and go sit off by myself and be rude. Oh by the way Em, you better find your own place to sleep and own way to get home“… okay I tried to explain the whole “I don’t feel like talking to people right now, I need a moment alone” thing, but we all know how that went.

5. After we finished LIFE (I won, even though I was behind the whole time), JB, JB’s friend and I played some card games. Hey, I would be perfectly fine with letting Anna play with us, but she just ignored us. Oh and here comes the best part. JB started hitting on me (and his friend did too, for that matter)… this is why I don’t like/trust guys. At least not the sleazes that live by me.

6. When we finished playing cards, I went into Anna’s room to apologize/get my pjs on. I asked her if she was okay, and she said yes… not true. Then I said “I’m sorry for acting like that earlier”… and I got a whole speech about how messed up I am. Anna started whining about how “I have issues with talking to people” and that I “need to get over it”. When I tried explaining that “I’m just like that,” she said that I shouldn’t be rude all the time. I’M NOT TRYING TO BE RUDE. I’m trying to get a moment alone, and is it really my fault that you were pushing me off of the hammock? I think not. Oh and then she said (about the whole hammock thing) “well that’s just how Devin (the kid that pushed me off the hammock) is… that’s how he tries to make friends”. First of all, you said I was screwed up for being me, and now you say everything’s fine when he’s being himself? Oh and seriously, if that’s how the little twerp makes friends, I feel bad for him, because he won’t have many at the rate he’s going.

7. When Anna and I went to the pool and I tried diving off the springboard, I must have twisted wrong or something. When I came up to the surface, my back hurt so much. I could barely doggy-paddle, it hurt that much. And when I said “Anna, my back really hurts. It hurts to move my arms!” I got a speech about how I need to “suck it up” and how “it’s nothing”… I could have broken my back, and yet she didn’t give a rat’s butt.

Until next time, Em 🙂

I have good news and bad news

Good news: there is going to be a BBQ in Anna’s neighborhood in two weeks. And Swimmer will probably be there.
Bad news: I was originally going to play tennis with Anna today, and I was thinking of a way to get Swimmer to come. I asked Anna if she knew anybody who played tennis. She said she only knew two people: A and JB. Of course she knows Swimmer plays tennis! So why did she not mention him? I asked her if she knew any other people who play, because “you guys are really good and I suck” and she said “it’s fine I already invited them”… WHY?! I guess the only way she will want to play with him is if we play at her house and he comes to play with us. Sigh.
Until next time, Em 🙂

Tennis and really cute guys!

So this morning I woke up, and I was getting ready to go to Anna’s house to play tennis. And while I was getting ready, I told myself “you aren’t going to see Swimmer. If you do, you’re lucky.”


We went to the tennis courts right by her house and literally 1 minute after we got there, I saw a few guys came over the fence by Anna’s house. Now I know what you’re all thinking, “oh my gosh! Swimmer lives 2 houses down from her!”

Well, I decided not to get my hopes up. I looked over, and I told myself “no, that’s probably her neighbor. NOT SWIMMER.” Except then Anna shouted, “haha you guys had to climb the fence!” and somebody replied “ya cuz we don’t have a gate like you!”

And while they walked over, I realized, no it was NOT her neighbor. It was Swimmer. And I sort of… got excited. He came over to play on the court next to us, and said “hey, it’s the girl I tried to kill!” (long story, I’ll explain later). And in my ever cool glory, I replied “yup haha”

Anyways, he is REALLY FREAKING GOOD at tennis. I should have realized. I mean, he swims, plays baseball, runs, snowboards, and bikes. I should have known. So now that I know that he plays tennis, I can smoothly (read: totally NOT smoothly) ask Anna if we can play tennis with him.

Okay, so now I will finally tell y’all the story of when Swimmer tried to kill me. I was hanging out with Anna and JB one summer night, and we decided to go swimming down the street from their house. And since Swimmer lives right down the street, we decided to invite him. Now, I’m not sure if it was “love at first sight” or just “wow he’s cute and he seems cool at first sight,” but I was definitely interested. And when we got to the pool, I jumped in and we started having a splashing fight. Mature, I know. And I’m… not a great swimmer… so of course I almost drown while he is sending tidal waves my way. And that is the story of how Swimmer almost killed me.

Also, when I went to Anna’s Sweet 16, when Swimmer walked in I exclaimed “wait… is this the Swimmer that tried to kill me?!” Smooth, Em, smooth. Well, I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m crazy, but s’all good because he is probably crazier than me.


He has hair like this

Until next time, Em 🙂