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That awkward moment when…

1. Your sorta-friend who called you screwed up wishes you “happy birthday” on Facebook – and messes up your age

2. Your friend took her senior picture, and has so much makeup on that she looks like a Barbie – and I don’t mean this as a compliment

Also, I MADE THE CHOCOLATE LAYER FOR MY ICE CREAM CAKE!!! It’s a bit runny – the freezer bowl must not have  been frozen enough, which is weird seeing as it was in the freezer for 12 hours!

Until next time, Em 🙂

Happy birthday to me!

That’s a lie… my birthday isn’t actually until Tuesday… but since I needed something to write about, I’ll just write about my birthday.

This year I’m making a glorious ice cream cake for my birthday

The original cake is a “banana split” ice cream cake, but since I don’t like pineapple, I’m making it with caramel topping instead. Let me break it down for you…

1. Oreo crust

2. Strawberry ice cream (homemade)

3. Strawberry topping (homemade, again)

4. Chocolate ice cream (homemade)

5. Hot fudge sauce (homemade, is there any other way?)

6. Vanilla ice cream (homemade, so excited)

7. Caramel sauce (homemade, there will be a bunch left… let’s just say I’m not sad about that)

8. Whipped cream (homemade)


I’m using the general recipe from http://www.browneyedbaker.com/2012/07/12/banana-split-ice-cream-cake/, and also the strawberry ice cream and strawberry topping recipe from there.

I’m using the other ice cream and topping recipes from the book The Perfect Scoop (I just want to make EVERYTHING from this book… om nom nom)

Until next time, Em 🙂