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So there’s this guy that my friend was setting me up with… now we all had the suspicion that he was gay. He’s too freaking perfect to be straight. For God’s sake, he wants to be a fashion designer/artist. There is no way he is straight. Well, I guess it was just wishful thinking hoping that we could go to the ball at his/my friend’s school together. NOW IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Because he came back to school, four inches taller, but also gay. With a boyfriend. Yep, this could not be any worse. I mean, I just wanted a date to the dance (even just as friends) but now it will never happen because he’ll probably bring his boyfriend. Fudge.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Looks like I’m becoming a barista!

Soon I will be achieving two things on my bucket list (actually, four, but I’ll get to the rest later)

1. Be a barista – so ever since I first walked into this cute coffee shop in my town, I decided I was going to work there. This was last summer, when I was a lowly 14 year old. Yesterday I signed up for a barista class at the teen union building in my town, where I learn how to make coffee and be a good barista or something along those lines. Finally my dream of working at that coffee shop with the super comfy couch that swallows you when you sit down will come true! And the class ends right after I turn 16!

2. Develop film in a darkroom – so this has been my dream forever. And when I was looking through the catalog of classes and programs offered in my town (the same catalog where the barista class was featured in), I found a PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS. WHERE YOU DEVELOP FILM. IN A DARK ROOM. I went on the website they listed, but sadly you couldn’t sign up. I will be checking like every three days. Anyways, here is a picture of the camera that my mom dug out of our cabinet when I asked if we had a manual or automatic camera… I was thinking of those cheap cameras that you can get developed at Walgreens or something, but this is what she pulled out. IT’S A DREAM OF MINE TO USE A MANUAL CAMERA, WITH THE MACRO TWISTY-THING. A DREAM OF MINE, I TELL YOU! This thing is from like, the 70s or 80s… and can I just say it is the most beautiful camera I have ever seen. Even though it weighs like 5 pounds. I guess that’s why they have the shoulder strap (made of real leather *faint* not the fabric ones they make now)

I’m not sure what all the switches are for, but they look AWESOME

3. Do a handstand (also ties in with Do a backflip, but first I have to Do a handstand and Do a bridge, so…) – I went to horse camp with this girl who is the state champion for Level 5 gymnastics. And she was like 12 at the time. So everyone asked her if she could do a backflip for us, and she did it amazingly. Then I asked her if she could teach me how to do one, and she taught me how to do a handstand and bridge. Now, my handstand is NOT perfect. Or even close. I either don’t get high enough or I go too far and fall straight on my back, resulting in a coughing fit that lasts for 3 minutes and a really sore back. But hey, I’m learning.

4. Learn to springboard dive – So, it’s a dream of mine to learn how to dive, ever since I saw David Boudia and Nick McCrory and Kristian Ipsen and Troy Dumais in the platform synchro and 3m synchro Olympic trials. I was instantly captivated and wanted to learn how to do it RIGHT THEN AND THERE. So when I found out there’s a team literally 5 minutes from my school (and there’s one 5 minutes from my house, but my school isn’t close to my house), I immediately started thinking about all the fun times I would have there. The team starts in January though, so that’s sad.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Mustaches and sleeptalking

When I was at horse camp, I had a very strange dream. In this dream, I had a beard and mustache and I looked just like my counselor at horse camp. It was really weird.

Also, one of my cabin-mates sleep-talked about her horse… “Cedar! Stop that!” “Starbuck! Don’t kick!”… yeah that was also strange. At camp, the counselors had nicknames, and we had to guess their real names. The girl who sleep-talks knew one of the counselor’s real name, and we were all going to ask her what it was. But when I was crawling over someone to reach her and ask her his name, I poked her in the head and she woke up screaming. It was pretty funny.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Horsey camp

So this week I was gone in the middle of nowhere, at HORSE CAMP. I saw a shooting star. No joke. I literally was standing in the middle of the doorway of our canvas tent-structure thing when BOOM, it flew across the sky.

Also, I witnessed someone get run into by a miniature horse (while running it, aka holding its leash thing and running at full speed across a field with it)… and get a GIGANTIC bruise on the leg.

Oh, and I learned that, while people can’t feel it when you lick their elbow while they’re looking away, they sure freak out when they find out they were just licked.

And I got set up with a guy that sounds pretty awesome and not creepy and we’re totally going to the dance at his school which is a ball where you wear huge dresses like in Pride and Prejudice which is literally A DREAM OF MINE… so yeah it’s pretty awesome. Even though I have a suspicion that he’s gay…. and my friend does too. In her words, “he’s definitely straight but I have a feeling that he’s one of those people that will be gay when he’s older”… uh last time I checked you don’t just turn gay… but okay whatever you want to think…

I also learned what it’s like to not shower for a week and then return to public life where people are frowned upon if they wear bandanas and smell like campfire. Not so fun.

Oh, and my life was pretty much MADE when I learned that there are two diving teams near my school… so yeah I can totally fulfill a dream of mine, which is to dive, like David Boudia, who is super awesome and got a gold metal.

I’m actually sorta scared to open my email inbox because I subscribe to baking blogs, and I have a suspicion that I’m going to have… 200 emails. Let’s go check. I actually have 134… which is not a lot because when I left for camp I had like 90 unread emails (procrastinating at its finest)

Also, I touched an electric fence. Like five times. It was awesome.

Until next time, Em 🙂


It’s been 4 days since the last day of band camp and I can’t believe it. I added one of my friends from camp on Facebook and we both decided that it should be longer, because how can you go to just five days of super-fun band camp?! I met two friends at camp… and one of them was a super cute guy. Since when does this happen? Never. But lo-and-behold, HE DOESN’T HAVE A FACEBOOK. I guess I’ll just have to drool over the camp pictures the band organization uploaded.

Oh my god, I just went to check if there are new pictures and there is the huge group picture…. excuse me while I make it into a poster and hang it on my wall so it’s the first thing I see every day… oh god there’s me… never mind. I was taking my hat off so it would be a better picture, why oh why do you have to use the one of me TAKING  MY HAT OFF?! I literally look like an old timey man nodding his hat to someone. Ugh. Why is everyone so picture perfect, except me? asdfjkl.

Anyways back to the Facebook-less guy I met (let’s call him Braedyn). After camp had ended and I was looking at (read: stalking) the camp pictures on Facebook, I realized that he looks sort of like Ryan Lochte. There is a strong resemblance. How did I not notice this before? They could be cousins, the resemblance is that strong!

Ryan Lochte

Anyways, as much as I’m mourning the end of band camp, I’m super excited for horse camp. Last year I met some very… interesting people there… including a guy that was very cute. Very very very cute. But still not as cute as Braedyn, asdfjkl-cute band camp guy. Plus I had loads of fun procrastinating at my APUSH homework (yes I read 1/2 the book in the two days before AP week started) and riding horses and eating a huge bag of taffy even though I had braces (and I’m totally going to do it again. Taffy rocks). Horse camp is one of my favorite weeks of the whole year (band camp is #1, no competition) and I’m super excited to go back, even if it means admitting that school is one week closer.

Awkward topic-changer…. last night (actually an hour ago, I wake up late) I had a very strange and deja-vuy dream. I was at horse camp and we were playing hide-and-seek on this huge play structure. Two of my friends and I ran to the far side of the play structure and hid. I ended up being the last person to be tagged. What was weird was that I recognized a few people doing this huge game of hide-and-seek/tag. Usually my friends aren’t in my dreams too often, and usually only one or two of my friends are in a dream together. There were about 4 people that I recognized in this dream. Anyways, I’ve actually had this dream before, but I can’t remember if I was at horse camp in that dream also. Hence the deja-vu.

Oh and I had another strange dream. I was in that sort of awake dream state where I’m almost awake but I’m still sort of asleep. My last dream was that I was driving home from band camp, and we had just pulled onto the street next to the building where it was held. At the stoplight, my dad said “oh look, there’s a kid from camp” and guess who was on his bike right next to our car? That’s right, Braedyn. I leaned out of the car window and asked him “hey do you have a Facebook” because I knew he didn’t (I must have been more awake than I thought, because I looked him up after camp had ended, so this wouldn’t be possible)… and then I woke up. Ugh.

Until next time, Em 🙂