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Youtube Tuesday #3

Today I have to share with you a super-funny video that really speaks to me (okay now I sound crazy. Moving on.)

It’s called “Tumblr Lessons: CUTE MESSAGES” and I actually stumbled upon it because it was on the sidebar of a math video that my teacher sent me because of the current snow day. So, yeah. Totally unrelated video… but it still shows up on the sidebar.

I was laughing throughout the WHOLE video. I didn’t know spelling errors bugged anyone else as much as they bug me… her asking “do you actually go to English class?!” is something I have definitely said before. Cough cough.

And a second video… by the same person! This one also really speaks to me (crazy person talking again.)

It’s called “Being Blind SUCKS” and I can totally relate with her. I am nearsighted, farsighted, and have astigmatism. Bleh. Anyways, if you have glasses like me (since I was 1 or 2) then you should go watch it. Or… even if you don’t. Just so you know the pain we glasses-wearers go though every day.

Until next time, Em 🙂


I have good news!

Today  I went to the eye doctor to get my yearly checkup. This is not normally a fun experience – my eyes are still dilated 1.5 hours later. Not fun. I can barely read my computer screen. And when I say I can barely read it, I mean I can’t. At all.

Erm… sorry if there are any typos.

Anyways, my good news! I’m getting contacts! And we all know what this means… I can ski, and actually see while doing it (usually I don’t wear glasses with my goggles, which means I pretty much can’t see anything)… and I can also wear fun glasses and sunglasses… something I can’t do right now! And if I get tired of wearing the contacts, I can always switch back to my glasses. Which is good, because I actually really like them. My glasses are black and rectangular and have a swirly-pattern on the side.

Also… I can wear my contacts and glasses at the same time… so I know how other people feel when they wear my glasses! Don’t ask why, but this is a dream of mine. I have no explanation.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Since when did glasses become cool?

For 1/2 of my life I was made fun of in school for wearing glasses… and now all the hipsters are wearing glasses. How does this make sense? How can they think they’re so “original” if everyone else is wearing them?

Wearing glasses when you don’t need them is like using a wheelchair and calling yourself original.

Until next time, Em 🙂