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Like I really want to spend three days with all of you…

Today I have a class retreat, where my whole grade is driving off to some place in the middle of nowhere to “bond”.

Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out with my friends. I just don’t love hanging out with the rest of my classmates.

Apparently the seniors are picking groups, and that means that every single person in our grade is going to be stuck with someone they don’t like. I’m just hoping that I will be stuck with one other person that I am friends with/can tolerate. Please. Please. Please.

And if I’m with a cabin full of people I don’t like? Well, I can read. I guess that’s something to look forward to.

And the snacks. Apparently someone is bringing a Costco sized container of Sour Patch Kids. Bring it on.

Until next time, Em 🙂


Maybe I’m not as much of an introvert as I think I am

Today was my first day of band camp, one of my favorite weeks of the summer. It’s a day full of 5 1/2 hours of playing your instrument, which fulfills my dream of going to Interlochen, almost. Today I:

1. Made a friend after being at camp for 2 hours (I always thought of myself as an introvert, but I guess I just hate people, especially people my age which tend to be immature and cruel)

2. Played a clarinet in my Second Instrument class (my mouth vibrated and hurt so badly)

3. Played a bass clarinet  in my Second Instrument class (I am never going to play a wind instrument. I hate having spit fly all over my face)

4. Saw my handbell teacher, because he was teaching the handbell class (he didn’t recognize me for a minute because I got my hair cut, and it was really awkward for those few moments)

5. Saw a LOT of cute guys (I didn’t know they existed in my state, except for the cute workers at the vacuum/sewing store and Whole Foods)

6. Saw a guy who looked sorta like Paul Rudd in Clueless, in the respect that he would be gorgeous if he cared about his appearance (Okay, he’s still cute, even if he doesn’t care about his appearance)

7. Ran around with a Barney doll that I found, trying to find my orchestra conductor (his name is Barney… only two people figured out that was why I was looking for him)

8. DID NOT GET TO PLAY THE TRUMPET IN MY SECOND INSTRUMENT CLASS (this is a dream of mine. Thankfully I will be able to play it tomorrow/the next day because my orchestra conductor was using it to play with the trumpet section)

9. Had one of the interns make fun of my Canada shirt by saying everything to me with “eh” added onto it (I thought this immaturity ended when you graduated from the 8th grade, the last time this Canadian-make fun of-ness happened, but I guess even college students are immature)

10. Said “hi how are you?!” to a random guy because I was feeling very extroverted/random

Until next time, Em 🙂

Sometimes I just hate my friends so much…

Today during lunch Megan decided to talk about how I was so in love with Swimmer (I’m not, I just want to get to know him, he’s a cool guy!)… now that’s all great until she starts making up reasons that I’m in love with him, like that I see him everywhere (not true) and text her all the time about him (not true). Especially when she starts telling an annoying girl, Julie, that I’m in love with him. Not cool. Especially because I really don’t like her and I don’t want her to know about my (non-existent) love life.

Also, next week I may be going with Shelly to tennis state! 🙂

Until next time, Em 🙂