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Computer stealing and advice needing

So for once I actually have news about Dylan… but it’s not good news. Our school was cancelled so I had to go home with my friend Megan. And while I was at her house, we were innocently stalking guys on FB.

And then I saw the light… Dylan was on! I decided to message him, pretending to be my friend Megan, who was sitting right next to me. Here’s how our conversation went:

Em: Hi -Em’s friend Megan

Megan (on my laptop): I don’t even know who you are, that was Em, she likes you.

Em (trying to fix the situation after hyperventilating for about 3 minutes): Just kidding haha.

Dylan (obviously not believing that she was joking): Uh huh.

Megan: So how do you know Em??? -Megan

Dylan: Orchestra. Smooth cover by the way. You really fixed it.

Megan: No I’m serious, I’ll friend you right now.

Dylan: Do it. Friend me.

Em: Did you get it?

Dylan: No. I gtg I’ll message you later.

Em (OK REALLY HE’S DITCHING ME?): I’ll talk to you when we’re friends! -Megan

So my friend Megan actually did send him a friend request… we’ll see if he responds haha!


On another note, I need some advice!

So I was just at my friend Anna’s (the one who just had her birthday) house, who lives right by Swimmer. And I was wondering if anyone has any advice about how to discreetly ask him (and my friend) to hang out with us. Because I can’t just say “Hey Anna, I have an idea! Let’s hang out with Swimmer!” So I need some advice about what to say. I know that he takes the bus home at about 4:15, but I’m never at her house at that time. So please, readers, give me some advice! Should I suggest inviting him to play Apples to Apples with us? Or should I suggest we play tennis with him? (I actually don’t know if he plays…)

Until next time, Em 🙂

Bang head here

6. How do you feel today?

Today I feel pretty stressed. Tomorrow I have a Spanish quiz, on Wednesday I have a math quiz and a Chemistry test, and on Friday I have a Spanish test. Not to mention the 3 essays I have to write. Sigh.

But I’m also pretty happy because I talked to my Spanish teacher about an assignment I missed, and she gave me credit for it, so now my grade went up 🙂


Just in case you want to relive some of your stress!

Also, I have a plan for taking a picture of HP. I’m going to ask him to wear his Harry Potter robe next-next week (because I’m seeing him next week) and then I’m going to tell him how he looks like Harry Potter and ask if I can take a picture! And if I’m feeling extra brave, I can always ask Dylan to wear it so I can get a picture of him 🙂

Until next time, Em 🙂

A day chock full of flirting :D

I just had my band concert. And it went well, surprisingly.

First, we played really well 🙂

And second, and most importantly, I TALKED TO TWO GUYS. And I think one of them likes me.

I talked to Dylan, aka creeper who I used to (read: might still) like. I was like 2cm away from him. I was wearing 4″ heels, and since I’m 5′ tall, I felt the need to see if I was taller than anyone in my band. And when I stood next to Dylan, I was actually 1/2″ taller than him. So now I know he’s 5’3″. Hehe.

And I talked to HP, aka the nicest, cutest, most HP-obsessed guy I know. He even has a robe. So ya, I was pretty excited when he came up to me and started talking to me. Sure, he started talking to me about the strange-looking Jello-cottage cheese salad mixture (which wasn’t too bad, btw). Really, we’re talking about HP here. I could talk about the Cold War with him and it would make my day. We ended up both trying the Jello-cottage cheese mixture. And he ate some on bread… “it tastes the same, just more… bready.” Oh my gosh, seriously. I think I met my soul mate. Or maybe just future best friend. Either way, the outcome is good. Oh and I’m definitely not taller than him, even when I’m wearing heels. And I don’t think he’s done growing, so… 🙂

Until next time, Em 🙂


“Oh my God you guys! He’s on! Should I talk to him?!” I ask my friends.

The moment has come. My crush is online. I weigh the pros and cons.


Cons: He might think you’re a total nutcase. What do you guys even talk about?!

Well, since he probably already thinks I’m a total nutcase, nothing bad can come out of this. Right? Right.

I start typing… oh my gosh, my heart is beating really, really fast. What’s up with this?! I press ENTER and stare at the message I sent. “DUDE!!!” Not too bad, right? This won’t TOTALLY FRIEND-ZONE ME… RIGHT? Oh my gosh, isn’t one of the big rules of talking to your crush NOT using the words “dude,” “man” or “bro”?! Oh great… this can’t get any better. I might as well sign off right now. *hits head against computer screen*


The moment of truth has come… wait for it. Wait for it…

“what” I JOKE YOU NOT. Well, at least he didn’t say “DUDE!!!”… yep that could’ve been worse. Way worse.

“GUESS WHAT” No seriously though, we’re meant to be. Can’t you tell by the tone of his “what”? Seriously. Not.

He replies with his oh-so-charming “what” again. Is he in a bad mood?! I knew I shouldn’t have messaged him. Bad thoughts go through my mind. What if he never talks to me again? Well that will be awkward. Should I log off right now? No, come on, YOU ARE TALKING TO YOUR CRUSH! Get a grip!

“I SKIIED 5 BLACK DIAMONDS!!!!!!” I was pretty proud of my accomplishment. It had been on my bucket list for 2 years.

His response doesn’t surprise me. “same man” he says.

“NOOOO,” I scream “I HAVE BEEN FRIEND-ZONED!!!” This is the worst kind of punishment. Having the guy you like think of you as just a friend. Great. I knew something bad could come out of this. And it did.

We spent the next 10 or so minutes talking about which runs are good, where to ski, etc. I guess this wasn’t all a waste… I figured out where I want to ski this weekend.

Until next time, Em 🙂