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you have CAT to be KITTEN me right MEOW

My new project is to make one of these phone inserts for the spiffy customizable phone case I made for my brother.  Yea? Nay?

you have cat to be kitten me right meow case iPhone 4 iPhone 4s iPhone 5 humor funny phone case plastic hard clever gift christmas

I’m using light blue and dark blue for the lettering (blue is his favorite color, and I’m pretty sure he DOESN’T like pink).

Until next time, Em 🙂

P.S. ~ I’m babysitting in a week and a half, for a 4 year old and a 2 year old… does anyone have any advice? It’s my first time babysitting (how I could be 16 and never have babysitted, I have no idea) and I’m freaking out…

I just love pillows so much.

A little too much. My next project is to make a TON of pillows (probably around 5) to have on my bed. I’ve wanted to do this since, like, the 8th grade.

Here’s some ideas I have.

Any Scrabble Tile Letter - Monogrammed Gift - PILLOW COVERS ONLY. $19.00, via Etsy.

This would be super easy to make! I just need some fabric paint and BAM. And I could make it in any color… hm, maybe red? To match 1/2 the stuff I own? I could even make it “E 13” or “E 7” cuz those are my favorite numbers…

Puzzle Piece Pillows - Pick 2 and Save - Personalized - Custom - Geek Chic Home Decor. $47.00, via Etsy.


making this fabric into a pillow! :)

I have this fabric, and I’m planning on making it into a cute little pillow – maybe 12″ by 12″?

Air Travel Pillow. $22.00, via Etsy.


postal pillow cover - 16 inch x 24 inch - lumbar. $31.50, via Etsy.

WANT. Seriously, how much cuter could you get?!

Anyways, check out all of my pillow-spiration (uh yeah, that’s a word. As of now.) here 🙂 And let me know if you have some other good ideas!

Until next time, Em 🙂

C is for Cookie Exchange

This year at my church, we’re having a cookie exchange, and since I love to bake, I decided to join in.

I’m making these yummy homemade snicker bars.

And of course, I’m packaging them in cute homemade cloth bags, which I featured in one of my DIY projects.



Until next time, Em 🙂
Jenny Matlock

Partyin’ partyin’ yeah!

Please forgive me for that terrible title… I have super good news and I feel hyper and yeah. What’s the great news, you ask?

Well, you know that camera that I was going to get? The super nice one that actually has a manual setting and good macro (that doesn’t focus on the background)…

Well I found one on craigslist (a place where people sell there stuff, sorta like Amazon but local and you meet somewhere to pick it up – it’s not sketch I promise), and THEY REPLIED TO MY EMAIL so my dad’s getting it tomorrow! And don’t worry, he’s meeting the owner of the camera in a public place so (hopefully) he won’t get abducted or anything crazy like that!

So of course, I have to personalize this super duper awesome camera that will soon be in my hands and all mine (once I pay back my parents)…

I found some super cool camera straps on etsy, but I do NOT want to pay $23 for something that I could easily make and personalize it way more than anyone else could!

So I searched up some DIY camera strap blog posts, and I found two great ones!

A fabric one, that’s super cool and I have THE PERFECT fabric for…

and a painted canvas one, that’s even more awesome than the fabric one! Well, maybe not as awesome as my toaster fabric (literally has toasters on it), but still pretty dang awesome!

I found this ad while looking for layouts/color combos for Yearbook, and I love it so much it’s not even funny

I’m going to use these colors to make the painted canvas one, and I’m super excited!

I’ll post a DIY tutorial for both of them when I finish, and you should definitely check it out! I’ll even use my new camera to take the pictures so it’ll look professional and stuff!

Until next time, Em 🙂

FADS: Day 3

Day 3: Your shoes

So ever since  I got a wonderful pair of TOMS for Christmas, I have been in love with them. Maybe a little too much. They quickly (because I wore them every day for weeks) became scuffed up and faded… not a good sight. A few months ago, I decided to paint them so that they wouldn’t look so disgusting. I debated over what color to paint them, and how much to paint. Should I make them look like converse and use white paint, or paint the front piece of fabric red to match the rest of the shoe? Well, today I decided to paint the front piece of fabric red, which was definitely a good choice, especially because I already had the paint! Here’s a picture of my “new” TOMS!

Oh and just in case you were wondering, I used acrylic paint and have done 1 coat so far, and am going to use Modge Podge to coat it later!

Until next time, Em 🙂

“I haven’t gotten used to social interaction yet”

This is a quote that my friend said during school picture day… yeah this pretty much describes my friends.

So we were sitting around during the free period at the end of the day, discussing the new (freaking cute) teacher… and my friend and I both decided that he looked really familiar. She decided to go ask if he had worked at a school she had visited, because she thought that’s where she recognized him from. We walked over to his office, laughing.

So then she asked him, “so, where did you work before here?” HIS FACE. Because he looked like there was a creepy teenage girl stalking him, I decided to say “she thinks you look familiar”… then he said the name of a school near ours, and she said “yeah, when I visited I talked to a German teacher, and I think it was you.” Well, that was the end of it. And can I just say he’s adorable. Which is creepy. Anyways…

So ever since I went to horse camp and my counselor had these super-awesome fake-gauges, I decided to make some. I found these awesome ones on Etsy, and I’m going to Joann’s tonight to get some earring posts and clay.

Fake Gauges- Infinity Twist Spicy Peppers by Lyssasstuff on Etsy

Pencil through the ear. Fimo fake gauge earrings with steel plug

Fake Gauge Earrings - Gold Dust - Polymer Clay, Fakers

Anyways, I’m gonna post my awesome fake gauges in a new DIY Projects category!

Here’s the tutorial I’m using, so if you want to make some, go here!

Oh and also, I’m making some awesome button earrings like the ones shown below!

Until next time, Em 🙂

Photo a day…

So I am finally posting my photo a day pictures… 5 days late. I still haven’t taken a picture of my breakfast… I guess I’ll do that tomorrow hahaha 🙂 but here’s the other 4 pictures!

Day 2: Sunset

We have pretty awesome sunsets over here, with cotton-candy colored clouds and purple and green skies. No I’m not joking, I caught the purple and green skies on photo, maybe I’ll upload them another day?

Day 3: Art

This is a license-plate collage I found at a garage sale 2 years ago for just $1! It’s a picture of the original, in a sense, because it’s not real license plates (there’s only one of those and it’s like $300)… but it’s a reproduction. Anyways, I’ve been keeping this in my dining room (sitting on the floor, no less) for 2 years because there wasn’t any space in my room, but I just recently (yesterday and today) remodeled my room so now I have a place to put it!

Day 4: Something you made

So I was totally procrastinating on getting Lana a birthday present (it was the day before her party) when I found this beauty at Michael’s. It’s actually a cardboard/paper mache box shaped like a book, and I painted the Gryffindor crest on it.

Day 5: Something fun and exciting

So I just remodeled my room (as mentioned above) and when I went to IKEA to get my new bed, I saw this beauty hanging up in one of the fake-rooms. It’s a wire that you screw onto the wall, and at IKEA they had sheet music clipped to it. I instantly fell in love and bought it. I can finally practice in my room 🙂 Also, this might be considered cheating, but I really want to include my handprint painting I made 2 years ago. It’s too good to pass up, so here it is:

I literally painted my hand in art class at the starting of the day and kept the paint on my hand for the rest of the day. It was pretty awesome.

Until next time, Em 🙂