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Has this happened to anyone else?! Because I am so freaked out right now…

Curling camp… 12 hours straight (with lunch break) of curling… I can barely walk right now.

I’m pretty much blind also because some people have really bright headlights and they drive like right next to me because there isn’t any divider on the road (yes I’m aware that I make no sense).

Oh and I just saw like… three dopplegangers. Why are Canadian people so good looking (at least the ones that came to camp) and so accent-y and awesome?!

First doppleganger: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Okay, so not even funny. The kid from camp looks just like this angelic looking man.

Second doppleganger: Ricky Ullman from Phil of the Future (please tell me I’m not the only one that loves this show). I saw two guys that look just like him, and they’re not even related. Ohemgee.

Third doppleganger: Tom Daley… ’nuff said.

So I actually have more to say, besides my story about all the Canadian celebrity look alikes… and this part is actually really weird/creepy…

So I met this kid at camp when I was 10, and we emailed back and forth once in a while, and we’re friends on Facebook, etc. And today I met this kid who has the SAME EXACT name as him, and looks JUST LIKE HIM. I’m not sure if it actually is the kid that I met way back when, or he just looks like him and has the same name as him. I don’t really want to ask, either. But let’s just say that he is super adorable and ohmyword… yeah.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Why I Don’t Like People: A Memoir

So… I mentioned in my last post that yesterday pretty much sucked. Let me tell you why:

1. I love hammocks. When I found out that Anna had one, I immediately jumped in it and expected a few minutes to lay and relax. Not likely. Anna and this little kid (read: brat) ran over and tried to push me out after about… 30 seconds of peace. I tried not to get annoyed, but it’s seriously hard when I AM WILLING TO LET THEM GET IN THE HAMMOCK but they just push me out so they can get on.

2.  I got out of the hammock and decided to go and have some quiet time in a recliner that they had. That was fun for about 1 minute before Anna started yelling at me, saying that I was “rude” for not wanting to talk 24/7. Oh, and the best part? The little kid started mimicking her. I’m sorry if I’m an introvert, and if you can’t get over that then why are we even friends?!

3. Anna wouldn’t talk to me for the rest of the night because I wanted to sit alone for 2 minutes.

4. When Anna, JB (her brother), JB’s friend, and I played LIFE (which started out fun)… she got in an argument with JB and quit and said “oh I’ll be just like Em and go sit off by myself and be rude. Oh by the way Em, you better find your own place to sleep and own way to get home“… okay I tried to explain the whole “I don’t feel like talking to people right now, I need a moment alone” thing, but we all know how that went.

5. After we finished LIFE (I won, even though I was behind the whole time), JB, JB’s friend and I played some card games. Hey, I would be perfectly fine with letting Anna play with us, but she just ignored us. Oh and here comes the best part. JB started hitting on me (and his friend did too, for that matter)… this is why I don’t like/trust guys. At least not the sleazes that live by me.

6. When we finished playing cards, I went into Anna’s room to apologize/get my pjs on. I asked her if she was okay, and she said yes… not true. Then I said “I’m sorry for acting like that earlier”… and I got a whole speech about how messed up I am. Anna started whining about how “I have issues with talking to people” and that I “need to get over it”. When I tried explaining that “I’m just like that,” she said that I shouldn’t be rude all the time. I’M NOT TRYING TO BE RUDE. I’m trying to get a moment alone, and is it really my fault that you were pushing me off of the hammock? I think not. Oh and then she said (about the whole hammock thing) “well that’s just how Devin (the kid that pushed me off the hammock) is… that’s how he tries to make friends”. First of all, you said I was screwed up for being me, and now you say everything’s fine when he’s being himself? Oh and seriously, if that’s how the little twerp makes friends, I feel bad for him, because he won’t have many at the rate he’s going.

7. When Anna and I went to the pool and I tried diving off the springboard, I must have twisted wrong or something. When I came up to the surface, my back hurt so much. I could barely doggy-paddle, it hurt that much. And when I said “Anna, my back really hurts. It hurts to move my arms!” I got a speech about how I need to “suck it up” and how “it’s nothing”… I could have broken my back, and yet she didn’t give a rat’s butt.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Looks like I’m becoming a barista!

Soon I will be achieving two things on my bucket list (actually, four, but I’ll get to the rest later)

1. Be a barista – so ever since I first walked into this cute coffee shop in my town, I decided I was going to work there. This was last summer, when I was a lowly 14 year old. Yesterday I signed up for a barista class at the teen union building in my town, where I learn how to make coffee and be a good barista or something along those lines. Finally my dream of working at that coffee shop with the super comfy couch that swallows you when you sit down will come true! And the class ends right after I turn 16!

2. Develop film in a darkroom – so this has been my dream forever. And when I was looking through the catalog of classes and programs offered in my town (the same catalog where the barista class was featured in), I found a PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS. WHERE YOU DEVELOP FILM. IN A DARK ROOM. I went on the website they listed, but sadly you couldn’t sign up. I will be checking like every three days. Anyways, here is a picture of the camera that my mom dug out of our cabinet when I asked if we had a manual or automatic camera… I was thinking of those cheap cameras that you can get developed at Walgreens or something, but this is what she pulled out. IT’S A DREAM OF MINE TO USE A MANUAL CAMERA, WITH THE MACRO TWISTY-THING. A DREAM OF MINE, I TELL YOU! This thing is from like, the 70s or 80s… and can I just say it is the most beautiful camera I have ever seen. Even though it weighs like 5 pounds. I guess that’s why they have the shoulder strap (made of real leather *faint* not the fabric ones they make now)

I’m not sure what all the switches are for, but they look AWESOME

3. Do a handstand (also ties in with Do a backflip, but first I have to Do a handstand and Do a bridge, so…) – I went to horse camp with this girl who is the state champion for Level 5 gymnastics. And she was like 12 at the time. So everyone asked her if she could do a backflip for us, and she did it amazingly. Then I asked her if she could teach me how to do one, and she taught me how to do a handstand and bridge. Now, my handstand is NOT perfect. Or even close. I either don’t get high enough or I go too far and fall straight on my back, resulting in a coughing fit that lasts for 3 minutes and a really sore back. But hey, I’m learning.

4. Learn to springboard dive – So, it’s a dream of mine to learn how to dive, ever since I saw David Boudia and Nick McCrory and Kristian Ipsen and Troy Dumais in the platform synchro and 3m synchro Olympic trials. I was instantly captivated and wanted to learn how to do it RIGHT THEN AND THERE. So when I found out there’s a team literally 5 minutes from my school (and there’s one 5 minutes from my house, but my school isn’t close to my house), I immediately started thinking about all the fun times I would have there. The team starts in January though, so that’s sad.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Horsey camp

So this week I was gone in the middle of nowhere, at HORSE CAMP. I saw a shooting star. No joke. I literally was standing in the middle of the doorway of our canvas tent-structure thing when BOOM, it flew across the sky.

Also, I witnessed someone get run into by a miniature horse (while running it, aka holding its leash thing and running at full speed across a field with it)… and get a GIGANTIC bruise on the leg.

Oh, and I learned that, while people can’t feel it when you lick their elbow while they’re looking away, they sure freak out when they find out they were just licked.

And I got set up with a guy that sounds pretty awesome and not creepy and we’re totally going to the dance at his school which is a ball where you wear huge dresses like in Pride and Prejudice which is literally A DREAM OF MINE… so yeah it’s pretty awesome. Even though I have a suspicion that he’s gay…. and my friend does too. In her words, “he’s definitely straight but I have a feeling that he’s one of those people that will be gay when he’s older”… uh last time I checked you don’t just turn gay… but okay whatever you want to think…

I also learned what it’s like to not shower for a week and then return to public life where people are frowned upon if they wear bandanas and smell like campfire. Not so fun.

Oh, and my life was pretty much MADE when I learned that there are two diving teams near my school… so yeah I can totally fulfill a dream of mine, which is to dive, like David Boudia, who is super awesome and got a gold metal.

I’m actually sorta scared to open my email inbox because I subscribe to baking blogs, and I have a suspicion that I’m going to have… 200 emails. Let’s go check. I actually have 134… which is not a lot because when I left for camp I had like 90 unread emails (procrastinating at its finest)

Also, I touched an electric fence. Like five times. It was awesome.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Question time!

Questions come from Zia at Song Sung Blue!
1. Favourite band?
Right now I’d have to say The All American Rejects, although I don’t really have a favourite band cuz I listen to so much music
2. Do you like travelling?
Yes, yes, yes. I’m going to Australia next summer on exchange, and then in college I’m going to Europe on exchange!
3. What’s the item you always have in your purse?
A notepad. You never know when inspiration will strike (this is what I tell myself, but my room full of paper scraps tell another thing… obsessive note taking)
4. What makeup do you use?
5. What’s something that makes you happy?
Finding a great author and reading all of their books
6. Can you climb trees?
I haven’t tried, honestly, but I can climb fences… does that count?
7. What can you spend hours doing?
Reading. I think the fact that I read 9 books in 6 days pretty much tells you all you need to know
8. What kind of blogs do you like?
Funny ones, with embarrassing stories and such. And cupcake ones (I wouldn’t say I have a problem… I mean 100 or so bookmarks of recipes is research for when I open my own bakery… right?)
9. What celebrity would you like to meet?
David Boudia. Olympic diver extraordinaire.
10. What’s your favourite dessert?
Cupcakes! Or pudding. Or chocolate. All of them. I’ve always wanted to try a chocolate fountain…
11. What’s a random fact about your town?
Our library has a huge glass reading room in the back (that’s pretty much the most interesting thing that happens around here). And we have a lot of thrift stores.
Until next time, Em 🙂


Okay, so there’s this book that I love love love with a passion that can’t be contained. Wow, that sounds wrong. Anywaysss….. I stumbled upon this book in the library a few years ago and fell in love with it. I don’t know what it is, but I just love those lines around the edges on the cover… we recently got a piece of mail like that and I want to hang it up in my room. No creepy at all.

13 Little Blue Envelopes

13 Little Blue Envelopes, the best book ever (okay, maybe not the best. One of the best)

Anyways, I’ve been waiting for a sequel to come out for about… 4 or 5 years. NBD. I thought there would never be a sequel and I wanted to go over to the author’s house and make her write a sequel (I’ll spare y’all the gory details)

AND NOW THERE IS A SEQUEL HOLYMUSTACHES!!! I’ve been waiting for… oh 3 weeks for it to be available on my library account. AND I JUST FOUND OUT I CAN NOW READ IT AND MY LIFE IS OFFICIALLY COMPLETE!!! (I said that when I got the Diving 2012 Olympics Coke can but I guess now it’s even more true)

The most wonderful thing ever. Excuse me while I go watch the Olympic Trials again just to see David Boudia‘s face… yes I have it taped don’t judge

Excuse me while I fangirl while listening to this song and jumping around my room screaming.

Until next time, Em 🙂

One word.

Paul Rudd.

Well, I guess two.

Holy fudgemuffins

So right now I’m watching the movie Clueless. And can I just say, wow. Paul Rudd is even hotter than Jude Law. And we all know I love Jude Law. Well, his face at least.

Anyways… I have a new interest (read: obsession). Synchro diving. It’s like gymnastics, into a pool. I can’t wait for July 27th… it could not come soon enough. Let me showcase my new favorite athletes.

Kristian Ipsen (I found his Facebook, debating whether or not I should add him)

David Boudia (I could stare at his face forever)

Michael Phelps (not synchro, but still fantastic)

Ryan Lochte (not synchro, but still fantastic)

Until next time, Em 🙂