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…what is happening right now?!

So I woke up today, wondering if I had a new message from that adorable-guy-that-I-used-to-know-and-have-met-again… let’s call him Cole.

Well let’s just say that now he has to be called that adorable-guy-that-I-used-to-know-and-haven’t-met-again-but-I-met-his-look-alike-who-is-pretty-perfect-if-I-say-so-myself

Because I was talking to him, and well, I learned that the guy I met at curling camp? HE’S NOT THE ONE THAT I’M TALKING TO RIGHT NOW. Here’s how it went down:

E: “Well this is awkward…..” (mentioned in last post about my failing at talking to guys)

Cole: “Tell me about it. Anyways how are you?” (the fact that he used the word anyways, which is probably my most-used word on my blog… moving on)

E: Pretty good, but really stressed…. ugh school. Anyways I got in to the orchestra I wanted to get into which is really exciting, but we have seating auditions this Saturday (to find out where we sit in the orchestra) and I feel like I’m going to be the worst one

Cole: “No, you’ll be fine. I don’t play an instrument. ;)” (THE GUY FROM CURLING CAMP PLAYED PIANO WITH ASDFJKL SKILL… OH MY WORD) (Also, what’s that “;)” about?! I need helppp)

E: “Ugh I sure hope so… I’m practicing all my pieces like crazy… so how are you” (changing the subject haha)


Has this happened to anyone else?! Because I am so freaked out right now…

Curling camp… 12 hours straight (with lunch break) of curling… I can barely walk right now.

I’m pretty much blind also because some people have really bright headlights and they drive like right next to me because there isn’t any divider on the road (yes I’m aware that I make no sense).

Oh and I just saw like… three dopplegangers. Why are Canadian people so good looking (at least the ones that came to camp) and so accent-y and awesome?!

First doppleganger: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Okay, so not even funny. The kid from camp looks just like this angelic looking man.

Second doppleganger: Ricky Ullman from Phil of the Future (please tell me I’m not the only one that loves this show). I saw two guys that look just like him, and they’re not even related. Ohemgee.

Third doppleganger: Tom Daley… ’nuff said.

So I actually have more to say, besides my story about all the Canadian celebrity look alikes… and this part is actually really weird/creepy…

So I met this kid at camp when I was 10, and we emailed back and forth once in a while, and we’re friends on Facebook, etc. And today I met this kid who has the SAME EXACT name as him, and looks JUST LIKE HIM. I’m not sure if it actually is the kid that I met way back when, or he just looks like him and has the same name as him. I don’t really want to ask, either. But let’s just say that he is super adorable and ohmyword… yeah.

Until next time, Em 🙂