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Seriously, Downton Abbey? Seriously?

The setting: History Class, around 11.30AM

Fade in. 7 girls and a (male, may I add) teacher work on their projects (well, not the teacher)

Teacher: So, did anyone watch Downton Abbey last night?

Friend: OH MY GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE ************ (not gonna say what she said, just in case you watch it and don’t want spoilers!)

Teacher: I KNOW, RIGHT!

Me: Uh… you watch Downton Abbey?

Teacher: Well, actually, my daughter does… she’s having a Downton Abbey High Tea for her birthday.

Me: Uh…

Teacher: And guess who’s going to be the butler? *sighs*

Me: hee hee

Teacher: *mimes holding a plate with food on it like they do at restaurants* “would you like some tea?”

Me: oh my god dying here no big deal

Fade out.

Yup, just a normal history class.

Until next time, Em šŸ™‚


Now all my teachers think I’m crazy…

Today at lunch I was joking around with Mimi about our so-called “husbands”. We have this thing where, when we see a really old/ugly guy featured in one of our teachers PowerPoints, we say that he is the other person’s husband.

Moshe Dayan, the Israeli Defense Minister, is Mimi’s “husband”

Jimmy Carter, the US President in the 1970s, is my “husband”

Well, some crazy stuff went down during lunch today. We were joking around, looking up the creepiest pictures we could find of Moshe Dayan and Jimmy Carter. I typed in “Jimmy Carter” on her laptop, and you know how when you look up a CUTE actor on google, sometimes you type in “actor shirtless”? Well I sort of got in the habit of doing that… so I accidentally typed in “Jimmy Carter s” and then I was like “Oh my gosh, no! I did not mean to look up Jimmy Carter shirtless! Oh my gosh!”

Let’s just say that Mimi OVERREACTED. A lot. We continued looking up random pictures of Jimmy Carter, and then suddenly we heard a “what are you looking up?’… we both turned around and saw one of our teachers standing there. Staring at our screen. Which now featured the words “Jimmy Carter young”… great.

Oh, but it gets better. Mimi started talking to him, saying how Carter was my “husband”… wonderful. He definitely thinks I’m psycho, especially because I then told Mimi that “at least my ‘husband’ didn’t die in 1981, before I was born”… ack. Then Mimi told him that I was “looking up pictures of Jimmy Carter shirtless”… great.Our teacher then backed away slowly, saying that he would “never come back here again” (referring to the place where we were eating/stalking people).

Also, on Halloween, I dressed up as my (other) teacher’s alter ego, Franco Toolbox.


gif made by my friend (made from a video that my other friend found of him in a Spanish video he made for a school project)

Then, my friend told him that I was dressed up as Franco Toolbox… at least my teacher took it well, saying that it was funny, and good thing I didn’t bring guns to school! But he definitely thinks I’m crazy, even though he seemed fine about it.


I see a definiteĀ resemblance. (please ignore the stupid face I was making, I was trying toĀ replicateĀ the video)

Until next time, Em šŸ™‚

Wacky Weather in Washington

Today I decided to write about the wacky weather we have over here on the west coast.

There were some wildfires on the other side of the mountains recently, so we had a red sky in the morning… usually it was more red than this

Not really “wacky weather,” just a nice picture of a sunrise

Not really “wacky weather,” just a nice picture of a sunrise

This looks like snow, doesn’t it? It’s actually hail… on Sunday it was hailing so hard that when I walked outside I felt like I was being stabbed in the head…

More hail

More hail

Until next time, Em šŸ™‚

Jenny Matlock

Thank you so much, dearest teachers

Why do teachers want to make us suffer so much? I have:

1. Bio test

2. Spanish test

3. History test

4. English essay

All do this week. The English essay was assigned one week ago, and the draft is due today (hopefully she’ll take my body paragraphs without the intro and conclusion… because I thought it was due Friday, but turns out the draft is due today and the final is due Friday)

I’ve decided to make Spanish flash card on http://www.quizlet.com which will definitely get me a higher grade. Hopefully. The History test, though? Haven’t even started the reading… kill me now.

Until next time, Em šŸ™‚

Maybe I’m not as much of an introvert as I think I am

Today was my first day of band camp, one of my favorite weeks of the summer. It’s a day full of 5 1/2 hours of playing your instrument, which fulfills my dream of going to Interlochen, almost. Today I:

1. Made a friend after being at camp for 2 hours (I always thought of myself as an introvert, but I guess I just hate people, especially people my age which tend to be immature and cruel)

2. Played a clarinet in my Second Instrument class (my mouth vibrated and hurt so badly)

3. Played a bass clarinet Ā in my Second Instrument class (I am never going to play a wind instrument. I hate having spit fly all over my face)

4. Saw my handbell teacher, because he was teaching the handbell class (he didn’t recognize me for a minute because I got my hair cut, and it was really awkward for those few moments)

5. Saw a LOT of cute guys (I didn’t know they existed in my state, except for the cute workers at the vacuum/sewing store and Whole Foods)

6. Saw a guy who looked sorta like Paul Rudd in Clueless, in the respect that he would be gorgeous if he cared about hisĀ appearanceĀ (Okay, he’s still cute, even if he doesn’t care about his appearance)

7. Ran around with a Barney doll that I found, trying to find my orchestra conductor (his name is Barney… only two people figured out that was why I was looking for him)

8. DID NOT GET TO PLAY THE TRUMPET IN MY SECOND INSTRUMENT CLASS (this is a dream of mine. Thankfully I will be able to play it tomorrow/the next day because my orchestra conductor was using it to play with the trumpet section)

9. Had one of the interns make fun of my Canada shirt by saying everything to me with “eh” added onto it (I thought this immaturity ended when you graduated from the 8th grade, the last time this Canadian-make fun of-ness happened, but I guess even college students are immature)

10. Said “hi how are you?!” to a random guy because I was feeling very extroverted/random

Until next time, Em šŸ™‚