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…what is happening right now?!

So I woke up today, wondering if I had a new message from that adorable-guy-that-I-used-to-know-and-have-met-again… let’s call him Cole.

Well let’s just say that now he has to be called that adorable-guy-that-I-used-to-know-and-haven’t-met-again-but-I-met-his-look-alike-who-is-pretty-perfect-if-I-say-so-myself

Because I was talking to him, and well, I learned that the guy I met at curling camp? HE’S NOT THE ONE THAT I’M TALKING TO RIGHT NOW. Here’s how it went down:

E: “Well this is awkward…..” (mentioned in last post about my failing at talking to guys)

Cole: “Tell me about it. Anyways how are you?” (the fact that he used the word anyways, which is probably my most-used word on my blog… moving on)

E: Pretty good, but really stressed…. ugh school. Anyways I got in to the orchestra I wanted to get into which is really exciting, but we have seating auditions this Saturday (to find out where we sit in the orchestra) and I feel like I’m going to be the worst one

Cole: “No, you’ll be fine. I don’t play an instrument. ;)” (THE GUY FROM CURLING CAMP PLAYED PIANO WITH ASDFJKL SKILL… OH MY WORD) (Also, what’s that “;)” about?! I need helppp)

E: “Ugh I sure hope so… I’m practicing all my pieces like crazy… so how are you” (changing the subject haha)

Guys really need to get a clue…

First order of business… why do guys never respond to your messages? Like, you’re having this conversation and you’re waiting for a response but it doesn’t come for two days… what’s up with that?! Except for when you’re talking to your guy-friend and you couldn’t care less about the topic and he texts back in 30 seconds. That is the only exception.

Second order of business… there are some very strange guys in band. So maybe you remember Cody? Or… maybe not. I was going to set him up with Shelly, but yeah… that didn’t work too well because (1) I never talk to him and (2) he’s like 5’10” and I’m 5’1/2″… yeah. So he sits up in the first row with me (not the same instrument, but right next to each other), and we were talking before rehearsal started. I always bring in my dinner because I have to get it right before band and I don’t have much time, so I just eat some of it in the car and at band, etc. So last week I brought samosas from my friend’s parents’ restaurant… so delicious. Anyways, last week he was all “can I have some” and I was all “get away from my samosas! They are delicious and all mine!” And this week I had bubble tea (with the jelly, I practically throw up if I get the tapioca) which was delicious btw, and he was asking if the place I got it from was good or not. Pretty normal conversation, yeah? Well, it was not that normal from there on. During break-time, he was talking to me and his stand-partner about how soft his hair is (it’s pretty soft, but he uses gel so you know… anyways) and then he was talking about how his pants were apparently skinny jeans but they weren’t that skinny… yeah he is very strange. Moving on.

Third order of business… male teachers should not be allowed to wear biking shorts on school grounds. I don’t care how good looking you are, guys should never be allowed to wear shorts that short and tight and spandex-y. Never.

Fourth order of business… last year in English class for our final project, we had to write poems and paint a picture to go along with it. I totally BS’d the poem, writing it the night before it was due. I thought it was pretty good, because I fancied it up so it looked like a tree and I even colored it so it looked like branches and everything. Over-achiever, I know. Anyways, some of our class turned it into the National Poem Society or something like that to enter a competition to maybe get published in their newsletter. Well I thought, why not? It’d be pretty cool to get published. So I turned it in and completely forgot about it until a few days ago, when a letter came in the mail, saying that my poem was being published! Of course I forgot all about it, so I was really confused when my mom asked me why I was getting my poem published… anyways. Maybe I’ll upload it sometime.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Matchmaker update

Well, I ended up not setting anyone up… I didn’t even talk to Cody. Or Dylan, he wasn’t at band yesterday.

All I did was talk to my friend ObamaHater (he is a very strong Republican 😦 )… he asked me to smell his shirt. He is a very strange boy.

Until next time, Em 🙂


Today I have decided to set Dylan up with my friend Megan and to set up my friend Cody with Shelly (instead of Dylan)… hopefully it’ll end up well. Maybe I can even invite them (Dylan and Cody) to hang out with us when we go see The Hunger Games 🙂

Anyways, I’m sure you’re all wondering who this Cody guy is. He’s a guy I know from band, and I’ve talked to him a total of two times. He seems pretty nice, and he plays the guitar and violin (and I think he sings too)… I hope he’s a good match for Shelly!

Also, today my friend RJ told me about this guy that her sister likes. He likes her too, and when RJ was talking to him he said that he wants to ask RJ’s sister to a dance. When RJ said that everyone grinds at our school dances, he said he didn’t want to grind with her, he just wanted to hold her tight and never let her go… sob why are there not more guys like this by me? I guess there’s still college…

Anyways I’ll tell y’all how it goes!


My friend found this... haha

Until next time, Em 🙂