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Christy just sent a Facebook message to Ben saying “hey it’s the girl from service with the birthday by you! 😉 What’s up? :)”

What have we done…

Also, ChaiTeaLover listed off all of the things she knew about Ben just from looking at his Facebook page. She went on for 20 minutes. Holy mustaches.

Until next time, Em 🙂

PS ~ Check my last post for the updates!

Putting our stalker skills to the test

Today at service, Mimi, Megan, Christy and I saw this super-cute guy walk in. And of course he helped sort things with Megan’s mom. And they chatted it up. Apparently he was looking at us the whole time we were volunteering! Right before we left, we went to help Megan’s mom and we started chatting with the cute guy, I’ll call him Ben. He asked what school we went to and Megan’s mom answered and told him what grade we were in…. apparently he’s a freshman in college and HE WAS INTERESTED IN US! And it just got better. Christy was telling us about her birthday which is coming up, and Ben exclaimed “Oh when’s your birthday? June 29th? Darn, mine’s June 22nd!” So now we know his name, what grade he’s in, what college he goes to, his birthday, and one of the classes he’s in (he has to do service to fulfill a requirement). Now all Mimi and I have to do is look him up on Facebook and voila! Oh and after service, when we were talking about Ben, Megan’s mom exclaimed “if I had known you liked him I would have found out much more about him for you guys!” Oh my gosh, I love my service group.

Until next time, Em 🙂



My friends rock…

Yesterday Lana and I were staying after school because we had a handbell concert… and we decided to dress up in these humongous pants (I could tie them around my neck and wear them as overalls… and I did) and run around in the hall by the faculty meeting. And then we took videos of us pretending to play the handbells and sent them to Megan. It was epic. The handbell concert went horribly, if you were wondering. Nobody played together and apparently no one looked at the conductor for the three pieces we played.

During chemistry class Megan and I were doing a lab, and we already knew what answer we were supposed to get. And when we didn’t get that answer, let’s just say we freaked out. We decided to… tweak our answers a bit… we were total ninjas.

And then when Megan, Mimi, me, and Christy (an exchange student) went to volunteer at a food bank… that’s when it got interesting. Mimi, Christy, and I went up to the loft to bag diapers. Then a shipment of bread came and we had to go unload it. It was pretty epic because we had to throw these bags of bread over our shoulders into this big crate. And I sort of hit Mimi and Christy in the head with the bread. I felt like Peeta. And once that thought popped into my head I started laughing really hard and started flinging the bread like a mad-woman. It was actually hilarious. Then when we were done we came back inside to finish packing the diapers. Well, once we got back up to the loft we noticed a REALLY HOT GUY. Now, I’m not talking cute. I’m talking IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL TO BE THAT HOT good looking. Christy started staring at him, and saying stuff like “oh my gosh guys” and “I have a perfect view of him”…. but that wasn’t the end of it. Megan was sitting right by him (Later she told us they were actually having a conversation! He’s a senior!) and we were waving at her and miming being hot and pointing at the cute guy. Well let’s just say that HE SAW US. He saw us pointing at him and screaming “Megan! Look!” Oh my word. But that’s not the worst. When we got back to school (we volunteer during one of our classes) Megan told us that she talked to him (as mentioned above) and that he has a gauge in his ear… ew. But he was still super good looking. And apparently there was another guy close to Megan who looked like this cute guy but didn’t have a hole in his ear. I wish I had seen him. Also, a few weeks ago, Christy and Mimi saw this really cute guy, and were screaming about it while stealing brownies from the staff lounge. Now, I saw a cute guy there, but I have no idea if it was the same one (I think it was. He was so good looking.)

Two days ago I had my last band concert. I’m so sad it’s over, but at least I have the summer camp to look forward to!  We played this song where the guy who plays trumpet has an AMAZING SOLO. I seriously stopped breathing. I ordered the DVD, so maybe I can upload it sometime! I’ve decided to start playing trumpet over the summer. I’ve wanted to play ever since 7th grade, but this kid is like my role model, so I’ve decided to finally start.

What are your most awkward stories?

Until next time, Em 🙂