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you have CAT to be KITTEN me right MEOW

My new project is to make one of these phone inserts for the spiffy customizable phone case I made for my brother. Β Yea? Nay?

you have cat to be kitten me right meow case iPhone 4 iPhone 4s iPhone 5 humor funny phone case plastic hard clever gift christmas

I’m using light blue and dark blue for the lettering (blue is his favorite color, and I’m pretty sure he DOESN’T like pink).

Until next time, Em πŸ™‚

P.S. ~ I’m babysitting in a week and a half, for a 4 year old and a 2 year old… does anyone have any advice? It’s my first time babysitting (how I could be 16 and never have babysitted, I have no idea) and I’m freaking out…

Spotlight Post: Mug Collection

So I’ve decided to do a little series about collections I have… the first collection I’m going to cover is my mug collection!

This is the mug that started my collection, it’s from my mom’s old work, and I love it because it’s a pretty off-white color, like vanilla bean ice cream, and it has a black rim

I got this mug for my birthday, it definitely fits my personality πŸ™‚

This is the back of the “Give me chocolate or give me death” mug

Obviously I got this mug for my birthday

I got this mug for my birthday, currently it’s holding chocolates that I also got for my birthday

This is a mug cozy I got for my birthday, it’s made from an old sweater sleeve

This is a cat mug that I got for my birthday

When you turn the cat mug upside down it looks like this! πŸ™‚

Until next time, Em πŸ™‚

Welcome to IB, people

Have you ever heard of the IB? It stands for International Baccalaureate (when I tried to spell it Bacchauloriate, it said I was wrong and suggested “Chateaubriand” as a replacement…), but people at my school swear it stands for International Bitch-Slap. And I completely agree.

I knew Junior Year was going to be harder than Sophomore Year… it’s pretty obvious when you look at how my Sophomore Β English teacher grades (you could say the sky was blue and he would say “that is a great observation”), and how the Junior English teacher grades (I don’t have her yet, I switch to her half-way through the year; if you’re lucky you get half your paper covered in red pen. If you’re not lucky… the whole thing is covered)

Seriously, though? I just got an International Bitch-Slap right in the face…

I used to like math class (I still do… just not IB)… then came the first test of the year. Financial Math. I thought I did pretty good, and then we got our tests back. Our teacher told us that the class average was 75%… and let’s just say the school average is around 95% ON EVERYTHING. Our teacher also said that 75% was a good grade, that it’s average.

We all freaked out, thinking, at our school, 90% is a “failing” grade.

And then our teacher told us how she converted our percentage grade to our “IB grade”… by the way each problem is worth 2-6 points, 1 point for Method and 1 point for Answer for each part of the question

1. The test is out of 50 points. Let’s say I got 27 points right.

2. First you multiply the score I got by 2 to get my percentage (54%)

3. Then you take the square root of that percentage (7.35)

4. Then you multiply that by 10 (73.49)

So in reality, I should have gotten a 54%, but I got a 73.49% instead… great.

After that terrible class (which consisted of 2 long note-worksheet things that took 90 minutes after the terrible test results), I had English. AKA the worst class ever. We’re reading The Metamorphosis right now, and let’s just say that book sucks. So we were writing our essays during class (it was assigned one week before it’s due – Junior year for you), and I forgot my book at home. So Lana and I e-mailed back and forth funny things, like this book, which is a journal for your cat. I about busted a gut while reading the description. The company also makes a Jane-A-Day Journal, where a Jane Austen quote is featured every day. Pretty awesome.

Until next time, Em πŸ™‚

Photo a day: day 7 and 8

I just realized this was my 99th post… I better make the next one count!

Day 7: Something you found

I found this really cool painted rock at a farmers’ market and couldn’t resist!

I found this metal box while cleaning out our family room. I love how it looks vintage even though it’s new!

Day 8: An animal

I love how my cat is looking straight at the camera in this picture! And the license plate collage looks really good in this picture, something I didn’t even plan to happen!

My cat loves his catnip… at least this time it wasn’t all over the washer and dryer, that was fun to clean up. Not.

This is one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken of my cat, because of the really cool shadows and lighting. My friend calls it the “creepy cat picture” hahaha

Until next time, Em πŸ™‚