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So I got that camera that I wanted, the Canon EOS Rebel XT. So far it’s a really great camera – mostly I’m just getting used to using all manual settings, which is really tough at times. There is one downfall, though – it comes with a CF card, which is a fancy name for a memory card that doesn’t fit in a computer 😦 I tried downloading the software to connect the camera via USB, but sadly there isn’t any that works with Windows 7. My dad’s computer runs on Windows Vista, so hopefully I can connect it via USB and I’ll be able to download all of the pictures! Wish me luck!

Oh and I have a rant to post… so as you may know I’m on yearbook staff. I take this job very seriously, as I should, taking pictures of kids all around campus doing different activities. I’m also in tech (building sets for the play), and I wanted to take a few pictures of everyone burning paper for the play (it’s complicated). So I got out my camera and immediately a sophomore (who thinks she’s better than everyone else apparently, did she not learn to respect the upperclassmen?!) screams at me to not take pictures… like you have any right to say that stuff. I was told by the yearbook teacher/coordinator that we were allowed to take pictures of people unless TEACHERS said we couldn’t. I’m pretty sure sophomores are NOT teachers, so you really have no right to tell me not to do things. Anyways, I stalked away (after giving her a piece of my mind) and am now doing homework and ranting (because I couldn’t concentrate with all those negative thoughts in my head). Ahh, it feels good to rant.

Until next time, Em 🙂

PS – if you have any advice on how to deal with annoying underclassmen, it’d be greatly appreciated

Partyin’ partyin’ yeah!

Please forgive me for that terrible title… I have super good news and I feel hyper and yeah. What’s the great news, you ask?

Well, you know that camera that I was going to get? The super nice one that actually has a manual setting and good macro (that doesn’t focus on the background)…

Well I found one on craigslist (a place where people sell there stuff, sorta like Amazon but local and you meet somewhere to pick it up – it’s not sketch I promise), and THEY REPLIED TO MY EMAIL so my dad’s getting it tomorrow! And don’t worry, he’s meeting the owner of the camera in a public place so (hopefully) he won’t get abducted or anything crazy like that!

So of course, I have to personalize this super duper awesome camera that will soon be in my hands and all mine (once I pay back my parents)…

I found some super cool camera straps on etsy, but I do NOT want to pay $23 for something that I could easily make and personalize it way more than anyone else could!

So I searched up some DIY camera strap blog posts, and I found two great ones!

A fabric one, that’s super cool and I have THE PERFECT fabric for…

and a painted canvas one, that’s even more awesome than the fabric one! Well, maybe not as awesome as my toaster fabric (literally has toasters on it), but still pretty dang awesome!

I found this ad while looking for layouts/color combos for Yearbook, and I love it so much it’s not even funny

I’m going to use these colors to make the painted canvas one, and I’m super excited!

I’ll post a DIY tutorial for both of them when I finish, and you should definitely check it out! I’ll even use my new camera to take the pictures so it’ll look professional and stuff!

Until next time, Em 🙂

FADS: Day 11

Day 11: Black and white


So as you may know, this is my mom’s old 35mm manual film camera. And I love it to death. Even though I suck at photography and am just learning how to not screw up a whole roll of film by having it rip in half or accidentally pressing the button that rewinds the whole roll of film… yeah.

Anyways, I’m on the yearbook staff (woohoo) and I need a nice camera. One that is digital, and has manual settings. Which ours doesn’t. Well, one does, but it requires four AA batteries (only the new kind, not used!) and takes 5 minutes to start up – but only after you press random buttons and hope it works. The other one? Well, it’s been dropped repeatedly (apparently nobody in my family believes in camera cases) so now the thing that keeps your photos steady doesn’t work. Oh and did I mention that it doesn’t have any manual settings? At all.

Right now I am trying to convince my parents to give me a loan so I can get a nice camera – one that actually has manual settings. Wish me luck.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Looks like I’m becoming a barista!

Soon I will be achieving two things on my bucket list (actually, four, but I’ll get to the rest later)

1. Be a barista – so ever since I first walked into this cute coffee shop in my town, I decided I was going to work there. This was last summer, when I was a lowly 14 year old. Yesterday I signed up for a barista class at the teen union building in my town, where I learn how to make coffee and be a good barista or something along those lines. Finally my dream of working at that coffee shop with the super comfy couch that swallows you when you sit down will come true! And the class ends right after I turn 16!

2. Develop film in a darkroom – so this has been my dream forever. And when I was looking through the catalog of classes and programs offered in my town (the same catalog where the barista class was featured in), I found a PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS. WHERE YOU DEVELOP FILM. IN A DARK ROOM. I went on the website they listed, but sadly you couldn’t sign up. I will be checking like every three days. Anyways, here is a picture of the camera that my mom dug out of our cabinet when I asked if we had a manual or automatic camera… I was thinking of those cheap cameras that you can get developed at Walgreens or something, but this is what she pulled out. IT’S A DREAM OF MINE TO USE A MANUAL CAMERA, WITH THE MACRO TWISTY-THING. A DREAM OF MINE, I TELL YOU! This thing is from like, the 70s or 80s… and can I just say it is the most beautiful camera I have ever seen. Even though it weighs like 5 pounds. I guess that’s why they have the shoulder strap (made of real leather *faint* not the fabric ones they make now)

I’m not sure what all the switches are for, but they look AWESOME

3. Do a handstand (also ties in with Do a backflip, but first I have to Do a handstand and Do a bridge, so…) – I went to horse camp with this girl who is the state champion for Level 5 gymnastics. And she was like 12 at the time. So everyone asked her if she could do a backflip for us, and she did it amazingly. Then I asked her if she could teach me how to do one, and she taught me how to do a handstand and bridge. Now, my handstand is NOT perfect. Or even close. I either don’t get high enough or I go too far and fall straight on my back, resulting in a coughing fit that lasts for 3 minutes and a really sore back. But hey, I’m learning.

4. Learn to springboard dive – So, it’s a dream of mine to learn how to dive, ever since I saw David Boudia and Nick McCrory and Kristian Ipsen and Troy Dumais in the platform synchro and 3m synchro Olympic trials. I was instantly captivated and wanted to learn how to do it RIGHT THEN AND THERE. So when I found out there’s a team literally 5 minutes from my school (and there’s one 5 minutes from my house, but my school isn’t close to my house), I immediately started thinking about all the fun times I would have there. The team starts in January though, so that’s sad.

Until next time, Em 🙂