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Cinco de Mayo is usually a day for celebrating….

But it wasn’t for me. I went over to Anna’s house at 11 a.m. and watched her play tennis for 4 hours. Not fun. Then I expected to see Swimmer at her BBQ, but he DIDN’T SHOW UP. Apparently he went to someone else’s party. Sad. I’m actually sort of happy that Swimmer didn’t come because Anna and A were a bit… tipsy. Let’s just say that Anna told a 14-year old that she was going to marry him. So I guess it’s sort of good that Swimmer didn’t come. Sort of.

Until next time, Em πŸ™‚

EDIT: Oh and I totally saw a girl who looks just like Rue from The Hunger Games. A and Anna were shrieking and she probably got freaked out.


Nooooo…. Anna is going to the tourney this weekend!!! Apparently it’s a three day thing, and if she wins on the first two days she goes on to Saturday, the day of THE BBQ!!! Hopefully her (possible) games will end early enough for us to make it to the BBQ so I can see Swimmer…. all hope is not lost!

Until next time, Em πŸ™‚

I’m just that skilled

During class today, some of my classmates were playing Jenga. I was walking by and they told me to walk more quietly, and being my cool self I started stomping. And the Jenga pile fell over. I’m just that skilled.

Revenge advice: When the annoying girl who for some reason hates you brings cake and will literally search the school looking for someone to eat the rest (even though I asked)…. make cupcakes and eat them every day with lunch. It’s a good thing I just made 3 dozen cupcakes. Samoas and York patties flavored. Yummy!

Until next time, Em πŸ™‚

PS ~ no news on whether or not Anna is going to the tourney… looks like I’ll have to wait till Friday to see if I’m going to see Swimmer. Also, my friend correctly guessed his name on the first try. Lucky guess…


Well, a few weeks ago I mentioned that Anna would have another BBQ this weekend, and I could see Swimmer there. Well sadly, she might have to go to a tennis tournament this weekend so I MAY NOT BE ABLE TO GO. Argh… I thought I could actually talk to him for a change (sadly whenever I see him I get all excited and end up NOT talking to him… sigh)

Wish me luck!

Until next time, Em πŸ™‚

I have good news and bad news

Good news: there is going to be a BBQ in Anna’s neighborhood in two weeks. And Swimmer will probably be there.
Bad news: I was originally going to play tennis with Anna today, and I was thinking of a way to get Swimmer to come. I asked Anna if she knew anybody who played tennis. She said she only knew two people: A and JB. Of course she knows Swimmer plays tennis! So why did she not mention him? I asked her if she knew any other people who play, because “you guys are really good and I suck” and she said “it’s fine I already invited them”… WHY?! I guess the only way she will want to play with him is if we play at her house and he comes to play with us. Sigh.
Until next time, Em πŸ™‚


So yesterday Anna told me that I “missed a great BBQ”, and I decided to find out if Swimmer came. Of course, I would do this slyly. Well, apparently not slyly enough.

Anna: You missed a great BBQ 😦

Me: Sorry I was busy! Who’s BBQ?

Anna: It was at my house πŸ™‚

Me: Fun was it just your family or the whole neighborhood or what? You should have another one sometime I’ll bring my own veggie burger πŸ™‚

(Who came?! Did Swimmer come?!)

Anna: Ya haha but we also had salmon for people who don’t eat meat… it was just a bunch of family friends. Swimmer was there πŸ™‚


Em: Oh fun! We used to have block parties haha

Anna: Ya they’re fun πŸ™‚

(I bet they are. Especially when Swimmer is there)

Em: You should have another one when it’s sunny again… why does it have to be raining -_-

Until next time, Em πŸ™‚