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Spotlight Post: My favorite apps for NOT procrastinating

We all procrastinate at some point. Don’t try to deny it.

To try to combat this terrible habit, I found some really good apps that keep me on track with school-work and such.

1. Wunderlist: This is a task list creator, but it’s also great for use as a planner. You can even change the background design :3

2. Simplenote: This is a list maker, sort of like Evernote

3. Evernote: This is another list maker

4. Clearly: This app lets you see articles without the ads and such, and it connects with Evernote so you can save your highlighted article for future use!

5. Evernote Web Clipper: This app is just like Clearly, but it saves the article you’re reading right to Evernote (without ads), instead of letting you highlight them

6. Weekplan: This is a planner, I used it last year for school-work and it works really well! You can make things “important” and even cross things off your daily list of tasks!

7. StayFocusd: With this app, you can limit the amount of time you can spend on certain sites each day – for instance, you can give yourself 40 minutes a day to use Tumblr, Facebook, and Youtube  (all together). This is great for keeping you from procrastinating!

8. Noteboard: An app that lets you create sticky notes!

9. Springpad: This is a list maker, but in the form of notebooks (AND YOU CAN DESIGN YOUR OWN!!! MAKING THE COVERS DIFFERENT COLORS!!! *FAINT*)

10. Wishpot: This isn’t a very productive app, but it does let you create wishlists and add things via the web using a button provided on their website

If you have any other good websites/apps to share, please do! 🙂

Until next time, Em 🙂