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What’s done is done

10. Find a horoscope site and post yours.

Feeling depressed about something from the past? Don’t be. What’s done is done. You aren’t really living in the past — it just feels like it! You may not be having that much fun reliving old memories and thinking about what might have been, but it’s an important part of shaking it off.

This definitely describes my life right now. I wish I had talked to Swimmer when I had the chance at Anna’s party… but I didn’t. I guess I just have to get over it and FIND A WAY TO TALK TO HIM.

Until next time, Em 🙂

The confusing life of Em

9. Write about your relationship status

Well, since this is pretty much all I talk about on my blog, this post is going to be pretty boring. But if you’re a new reader (and haven’t stalked my posts to death) then this might be very helpful.

Dylan: Well, Dylan is definitely a creeper. Sure, we’d look super cute together. But I guess he doesn’t care, because he would rather be a total player. A super cute player, but still.

Harry Potter/HP: I haven’t seen him in a few weeks, but we definitely flirted.

Swimmer: I’m still trying to figure out how to hang out with him, seeing that he’s Anna’s neighbor and it would be really awkward if I randomly asked if we could hang out with him. But I’m working on it. And it would really help if someone could give me advice 😉

SpongeBob: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? The creepiest guy ever! It’s been almost a week since I saw him, and I’m hoping he deleted my phone number. Or dropped his phone in a puddle. I never want to speak to him again.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Rom-com fest and 3.14159265358979…

8. What kind of person attracts you?

Umm I love love love nerds. They’re the best. Smart+cute+ nice = perfect combo. Most nerds are nice, and I really don’t understand why people don’t like them. I mean, ya they’re different, but aren’t we all? I would rather go out with a nice, nerdy guy than a stuck-up, popular guy.

On another note, we had a snow day today because of ice on campus. So I decided to have a rom-com fest. Starting with “Never Been Kissed,” one of my favorite movies. If you want to watch a hilarious movie, go watch it. Plus, the teacher is really hot. Just sayin’.

Also, we apparently have drama rehearsal today (I’m a techie :)) and I’m NOT a fan of this idea. First, should we really be going on campus if WE HAVE A SNOW DAY BECAUSE OF HAZARDOUS CONDITIONS? Second, I don’t care if the show will suck. The actors should have practiced. Also, the singing-instructor made everyone sopranos, which sounds terrible. So ya, I’m not going. Sucks for them.

Oh and I almost forgot, HAPPY PI DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3/14 FOR THE WIN 🙂 I can’t wait till 3/14/15 because that will be the awesomest Pi Day ever.

A really cool mosaic in Berlin

Until next time, Em 🙂

The Hunger Games and iPod Shufflin’

I have just finished the 1st Hunger Games book. And I’m just going to say that I’m so excited for the movie, even though it’s nothing like I remember the book being like. But whatever; I’ve wanted to see the “real” Hunger Games  ever since I started the book.

On another note, let’s get down to the 7th day of the 10 Day Challenge… the iPod Shuffle Game!!! I’ve been waiting for this day since the first day of this challenge.

7. iPod Shuffle Game

1.How Are You Feeling Today?

  • Don’t Stop Believin’ by Glee Cast

2.Will I get Far In Life?

  • If I Had You by Adam Lambert

3.What Is my Best Friend’s Theme Song?

  • Lullaby by OneRepublic

4. What is/Was High School Like?

  • Second Chance by Shinedown

5.What is The Best Thing About Me?

  • So Damn Clever by Plain White T’s

6.How Was Yesterday?

  • Don’t Make Me Over by Glee Cast

7.What is my Love Life Like?

  • In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel

8.What will my Parents Say To me?

  • Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by John Mayer

9.What Song Will They Play On My Funeral?

  • Calling All Angels by Train

10.How Does The World See Me?

  • Be the One by Hootie and the Blowfish

11. What do My Friends Really Think Of Me?

  • Map of the World by Plain White T’s

12.What is the World Keeping a Secret Of Me?

  • Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae

13. How Do I make Myself Happy?

  • The Bird and the Worm by Owl City

14.What Should I Do With My Life?

  • One Time by Justin Bieber

15.Will I Have Children?

  • A Man’s Gotta Do by Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Cast

16. What is Good Advice?

  • 100 Years by Five for Fighting

17.What does everyone else think of my current life?

  • Loving You is Easy by Chris August

18.What Type Of Men/Women Do I like?

  • You Found Me by The Fray

19.Where Will I Live?

  • Time to Reply by Charlie McDonnell

20.What Will My Dying Words Be?

  • Into the Sun by Lifehouse

I especially like #1, 4, 5, and 9

Until next time, Em 🙂

Bang head here

6. How do you feel today?

Today I feel pretty stressed. Tomorrow I have a Spanish quiz, on Wednesday I have a math quiz and a Chemistry test, and on Friday I have a Spanish test. Not to mention the 3 essays I have to write. Sigh.

But I’m also pretty happy because I talked to my Spanish teacher about an assignment I missed, and she gave me credit for it, so now my grade went up 🙂


Just in case you want to relive some of your stress!

Also, I have a plan for taking a picture of HP. I’m going to ask him to wear his Harry Potter robe next-next week (because I’m seeing him next week) and then I’m going to tell him how he looks like Harry Potter and ask if I can take a picture! And if I’m feeling extra brave, I can always ask Dylan to wear it so I can get a picture of him 🙂

Until next time, Em 🙂

John Lennon III and Beards: A Typical Sunday

5. What did you see today?

Well, I went to church and I planted some flowers. And then I went to volunteer at the library, and I saw a guy who used to be hot but now has a really creepy beard. And I also checked out a book about 9/11 that has all of the obituaries, which included a guy named “John Lennon,” who’s dad and son were also named John (which reminds me, my birthday is the same as John Lennon of The Beatles!). Then I drove to my cello lesson (3rd and 4th time driving!) And now I’m sitting at home, listening to music, reading the Hunger Games, and blogging. Haha pretty much a typical Sunday!

Until next time, Em 🙂

Day 4: Forever alone

4. Write about a nickname you have. Why do you have it?

Forever Alone and Cat Hoarder. Yes, I know this is 2 nicknames.

My friend and I love cats and we plan on living next to each other and hoarding cats together. So that explains the Cat Hoarder part. And the Forever Alone part is sort of self explanatory… because we’re gonna be single for life, especially because of the fact that we’re going to be cat hoarders.