Romeo and Juliet, and dating rules

So there’s this guy that Mimi likes, Damian. She’s liked him for 2 years (at least) and he liked her back last year (I don’t know if he still does, but he talks to her every day so…)

So I’m wondering, what are your guys’ opinions on what she should say to him? She doesn’t want to ask him out – she wants him to be the asker. She does want him to ask her out though (this morning she said “he’s not my boyfriend… yet… oh my gosh that just slipped out…. oh my gosh”)

Also, he was complaining to her about his Romeo and Juliet project yesterday. But Mimi did not take my advice and offer to help him (read: be the Juliet to his Romeo ;))


2. Play the field! Get out there and find out what type of guy you like.

Until next time, Em 🙂

Sometimes I just hate people

Have you ever been in that situation, where you’re trying to chill out to your calm playlist of your favorite songs while playing Mahjong Titans, and then a bunch of teenage girls come in the room and totally ruin the moment? Sometimes people just don’t understand the concept of being quiet and letting the introverted kid listen to her music. Sigh.

On another note, I’ve decided to start sharing the Dating Rules that we learn in our history class (our teacher is just that cool)! So, without further ado, I present to you, rule #1!

  1. High school students don’t date college students.

Also, I’d like to present my favorite book of the week and favorite playlist of the week! Drumroll please…

1. Wherever You Will Go – The Calling (Go listen to the acoustic version, it’s so good)

2. Kiss Me Slowly – Parachute (My friend told me about this song, it’s so so so good)

3. Be My Escape – Relient K (Go listen to all of their songs, I love this one and Sadie Hawkins Dance)

4. Everywhere – Michelle Branch (Seriously, Michelle Branch is such a good singer)

5. Absolutely (Story of a Girl) – Nine Days (I think I heard this song on The Lizzie McGuire Movie…)

6. Chances – Five for Fighting (I actually learned of this song through the credits on a movie)

7. Stay the Night – James Blunt (Oh my word, this is a wonderful song. Not depressing at all)

8. Boys of Summer – The Ataris (A cover, way better than the original)

Finally…………………………… my favorite book of the week/my whole entire life, not even kidding. I love Jane Austen re-make books, and this is one of the best. Sure, the writing isn’t the best, but don’t judge a book by its writing! The book is: PRIDE AND POPULARITY BY JENNI JAMES!!!! She’s coming out with a whole entire series of Jane Austen re-makes (my heaven)…. oh my word.

Until next time, Em 🙂