Lost in Austen Pt. 2: Live blogging at it’s finest

My thoughts on the second episode…

  • what if jane dies?!
  • yes. get jane into bed. with bingley.
  • lol drugs?
  • looks like someone wants amanda to stay here
  • lol he can’t stop thinking about her lips?
  • omg did she just…. she’s… did she just play that card?!
  • steer the punt from the cambrige end? lol
  • his sideburns look like caterpillars
  • but now amanda can’t get together w/ darcy
  • why are they eating alone?
  • is that dead birds?
  • miserable sod? lol
  • did he just smile? omg maybe he likes amanda…
  • that’s like two pianos in one
  • wht if she plays “chopsticks” or something lol
  • thank you, darcy. obv she can’t play piano
  • to the windows to the walls till the sweat drips down my… oh nope you’re singing another song
  • slow clap
  • lol he sounds like a grandpa talking with kids… so awkward with the language of today
  • “i’m all the hind, like a duck’s tail”
  • darcy is ugly.
  • is the mom trying to set up amanda’s brother with one of her daugthers?!
  • lol she woiuldn’t share a bag of chips with he brother… let alone her house
  • jane is trying to get amanda to marry darcy… she already knows how good he is! she doesn’t need convincing!
  • “not fitted for bingley” !?
  • ugh. wickham.
  • lol amanda hates wickham alredy! good girl
  • did wickham just check amanda out? ewww
  • ewww mr. collins!!! ew
  • ewww he looks like the young neville but uglier
  • two weeks? fortunate? no ew
  • “lord let it be kitty” lol she knows how it should be!
  • “king of the mingers”
  • “squeezes himself through the pants” ew
  • “sniffs himself” omg barf
  • whoremonger lol
  • “was a great beauty” lol not anymore i guess?
  • “promethean misery of marriage to collins” lol
  • yuck he just kissed her hand
  • “i would kiss your every garment” ?! ew

– i actually showed this part to my friend who was in the room with me while i was watching and she practically threw up too.

  • except charlotte isn’t supposed to give him love… it’s practical not romantic
  • he thought she was talking about herself? ew
  • ew he’s sniffing himself
  • omg bingley is bewiched by jane! 🙂
  • endless top-hats
  • “grossly relation” lol
  • darcy looks pissed off about the engagement
  • oooh darcy hates wickham!
  • why does jane think that bingley doesn’t like her?
  • “my dear” ?! ew
  • husband hunting lol
  • his sideburns look like cheetos
  • “i wouldn’t have my deficit redressed by you if you were the last man on earth”
  • he has found something of great interest… her?!?!
  • lol she just quoted darcy… and he is so confused
  • A BALL WOOT! I wish i could go to one…
  • shaved her legs with a potato peeler lol

– i also showed my friend this part and she said that she used twigs as toothbrushes, but never potato peelers to shave lets

  • “a muppet like collins” lol
  • ms. price, the instrument of satan? no you have to end up with her!
  • why are fish in her blood?
  • what’s a fish monger? oh.
  • “you little tinker” lol
  • ew is the mom trying to hook up jane and mr. collins? ew.
  • are they getting married? ew.
  • omg no they did not just kiss.
  • ew he just touched his lips ew. after touching other things. ew.
  • lol for a moment i thought charlotte would catch the bouquet and marry bingley
  • NO DON’T GET REELED IN (pun intended)
  • “hands slithering all over your a**” lolol
  • lol now she sounds like a creep… having him in her mind since she was 12
  • “you repel me” omg 😥
  • lolol she reminds me of elizabeth, hating him – but… but…. she has to end up with him

Looking over these notes is actually super funny…. ahh reliving the wonderful moments of LIA… except not Mr. Collins “squeezing himself through his pocket” OMG DIE IN A HOLE AND THEN I CAN BARF ALL OVER YOUR GRAVE.

Until next time, Em 🙂


3 thoughts on “Lost in Austen Pt. 2: Live blogging at it’s finest

  1. see. you have now seen mr collins, you know why i was so horrified XD

    i actually liked wickham in this one! he wasn’t (as much of) a jerk 🙂 and hahaha the whole fish thing made me laugh XD

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