Like I really want to spend three days with all of you…

Today I have a class retreat, where my whole grade is driving off to some place in the middle of nowhere to “bond”.

Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out with my friends. I just don’t love hanging out with the rest of my classmates.

Apparently the seniors are picking groups, and that means that every single person in our grade is going to be stuck with someone they don’t like. I’m just hoping that I will be stuck with one other person that I am friends with/can tolerate. Please. Please. Please.

And if I’m with a cabin full of people I don’t like? Well, I can read. I guess that’s something to look forward to.

And the snacks. Apparently someone is bringing a Costco sized container of Sour Patch Kids. Bring it on.

Until next time, Em 🙂


4 thoughts on “Like I really want to spend three days with all of you…

  1. omg. good luck. my school does this periodically too, and it SUCKS. (I skipped the first one, and then thought I should participate… no. not worth it.)

    • yup. it sucks when everyone in your friend group is with another one of their friends and you’re alone… so much for friends not being put together, my group had two roommates (international students) and a group of 3 friends. and me. and someone i strongly disliked.

      • blehhh :/ what kinds of activities did you do? was there a ton of ‘group bonding’ and ‘leadership”? (i hate that word so much xD)

      • we pretty much listened to speeches for 2 hrs and then reflected on them for 15 minutes and then had a 5 minute break between the speeches/reflections. augh. plus, they made us read our reflections to our group (and i did not like my group), so that was fun… and plus you were “encouraged” to go up on stage in front of our whole grade and read the reflections. when i told my history teacher, his eyes went super huge and he freaked out. also, letters from parents were read out loud to our whole grade (my teacher also was stunned at that – “THEY READ YOUR LETTERS?! IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE?!”) ahhh, so much fun (not)… except for the fact that there were loads of snacks – yumm i think i gained 5 lbs

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