Youtube Tuesday #3

Today I have to share with you a super-funny video that really speaks to me (okay now I sound crazy. Moving on.)

It’s called “Tumblr Lessons: CUTE MESSAGES” and I actually stumbled upon it because it was on the sidebar of a math video that my teacher sent me because of the current snow day. So, yeah. Totally unrelated video… but it still shows up on the sidebar.

I was laughing throughout the WHOLE video. I didn’t know spelling errors bugged anyone else as much as they bug me… her asking “do you actually go to English class?!” is something I have definitely said before. Cough cough.

And a second video… by the same person! This one also really speaks to me (crazy person talking again.)

It’s called “Being Blind SUCKS” and I can totally relate with her. I am nearsighted, farsighted, and have astigmatism. Bleh. Anyways, if you have glasses like me (since I was 1 or 2) then you should go watch it. Or… even if you don’t. Just so you know the pain we glasses-wearers go though every day.

Until next time, Em 🙂


2 thoughts on “Youtube Tuesday #3

  1. omg that first video ❤ why can people not spell. like seriously. sometimes i want to smack the world.
    (yes. i am too lazy to put capital letters. shh xD)

    • actually, though. when people at my school don’t know the difference between “your, you’re”, “to, too, two” and whatnot, i’m like “sooo yeah did you not go to elementary school or what?”

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