ermahgerd what have I done

We interrupt our regular scheduled broadcasting for a BREAKING NEWS UPDATE.

Holy mustaches. I am such a fail at life. Why. Why. Why. Why.

You know what not to do if you want to live a semi-normal life? DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT ASK A CUTE GUY WHAT HIS SNAPCHAT IS. What have I done. I should have ignored that status… whyyyyy.

It was just so tempting though. He has no Snapchat friends, and apparently he is trying to find Snapchat friends because he is talking about his non-existant Snapchat friends on Facebook and ermahgerd what have I done?!

Learn from my stupidity, internet.

Also, don’t make a super ridiculous Snapchat name. Because people will want to add you. And how are you supposed to explain your ridiculous name without them laughing? You can’t. Blargh.

Until next time, Em 🙂


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