Now all my teachers think I’m crazy…

Today at lunch I was joking around with Mimi about our so-called “husbands”. We have this thing where, when we see a really old/ugly guy featured in one of our teachers PowerPoints, we say that he is the other person’s husband.

Moshe Dayan, the Israeli Defense Minister, is Mimi’s “husband”

Jimmy Carter, the US President in the 1970s, is my “husband”

Well, some crazy stuff went down during lunch today. We were joking around, looking up the creepiest pictures we could find of Moshe Dayan and Jimmy Carter. I typed in “Jimmy Carter” on her laptop, and you know how when you look up a CUTE actor on google, sometimes you type in “actor shirtless”? Well I sort of got in the habit of doing that… so I accidentally typed in “Jimmy Carter s” and then I was like “Oh my gosh, no! I did not mean to look up Jimmy Carter shirtless! Oh my gosh!”

Let’s just say that Mimi OVERREACTED. A lot. We continued looking up random pictures of Jimmy Carter, and then suddenly we heard a “what are you looking up?’… we both turned around and saw one of our teachers standing there. Staring at our screen. Which now featured the words “Jimmy Carter young”… great.

Oh, but it gets better. Mimi started talking to him, saying how Carter was my “husband”… wonderful. He definitely thinks I’m psycho, especially because I then told Mimi that “at least my ‘husband’ didn’t die in 1981, before I was born”… ack. Then Mimi told him that I was “looking up pictures of Jimmy Carter shirtless”… great.Our teacher then backed away slowly, saying that he would “never come back here again” (referring to the place where we were eating/stalking people).

Also, on Halloween, I dressed up as my (other) teacher’s alter ego, Franco Toolbox.


gif made by my friend (made from a video that my other friend found of him in a Spanish video he made for a school project)

Then, my friend told him that I was dressed up as Franco Toolbox… at least my teacher took it well, saying that it was funny, and good thing I didn’t bring guns to school! But he definitely thinks I’m crazy, even though he seemed fine about it.


I see a definite resemblance. (please ignore the stupid face I was making, I was trying to replicate the video)

Until next time, Em 🙂


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