Only at my school… mood lighting and elevator rides

Today in English class, my teacher told us to write a monologue about how we would feel if we lost a person that is important to us. She wrote what we were supposed to write about up on the board, and then she turned off a few of the overhead lights. “Mood lighting,” she said. “Strange,” I said.

Later, I noticed that the compost, recycling and garbage bins weren’t in their normal spot in our lounge, so I asked the dean of students person where they were. It turns out they were upstairs, by my English classroom (which I had noticed before, but I had just thought “oh cool, we got more bins!”) Well, being a good citizen and all (read: not wanting people to throw away recyclables – the horror), I volunteered to go get them. Mimi got the wonderful idea that we should take the Forbidden Elevator back downstairs, because it would be tricky to carry the huge bins down the stairs. I suggested closing all of the bags and then sliding down the stairs in the bins, but she vetoed that idea. Anyways, we got in the elevator with these huge bins, and THE DOORS STARTED CLOSING while Mimi was trying to shove the bins in the elevator. I pressed the “open front door button” but the door wouldn’t open. Lo and behold, I found the “open back door” button and it worked (why the elevator has two doors, I have no idea. There isn’t anywhere to go using the other door). When we were all safe and sound in the elevator, I pressed the “1” button, to get back downstairs. And that’s when I noticed it. The Basement Button. Who knew we even had a basement?! So today after school, two of my friends and I are going to take a trip down there… using the Forbidden Elevator of course… hopefully we won’t get in trouble…

Until next time, Em 🙂


8 thoughts on “Only at my school… mood lighting and elevator rides

  1. omg, you’re such a rebel ;P (my school is too small to have elevators!) i have to say, when you first mentioned elevators i was like OMG oh no, she got stuck! xD

      • haha yeah the elevators aren’t supposed to be used by us… my school has 200 people in it so i guess we’re pretty small, but big compared to your school! and noooo i have absolutely no time… but there’s a girl who looks like charlotte in my orchestra :O

  2. 1. ‘ “Mood lighting,” she said. “Strange,” I said.’ I love this.
    2. ELEVATORS? My school was on a mountain, and the phrase “Man, how cool would it be if we had an elevator instead of these 3 billion stairs?” got thrown around at least twice a week. Although you’re not allowed to use it, so… darn.
    3. During my summer holidays (starting in a few weeks) I plan to watch the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I gather they’re incredible as Hank Green was involved?

    • 1. I had the same teacher for English freshman year and this year, and she pretty much sucked freshman year, but now she’s really funny and gets really off-topic!
      2. Yeah our school is on a hill, and I get so much exercise just by walking around campus…
      3. YESSSS…. I can’t wait till break so I can watch the whole season :3

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