…what is happening right now?!

So I woke up today, wondering if I had a new message from that adorable-guy-that-I-used-to-know-and-have-met-again… let’s call him Cole.

Well let’s just say that now he has to be called that adorable-guy-that-I-used-to-know-and-haven’t-met-again-but-I-met-his-look-alike-who-is-pretty-perfect-if-I-say-so-myself

Because I was talking to him, and well, I learned that the guy I met at curling camp? HE’S NOT THE ONE THAT I’M TALKING TO RIGHT NOW. Here’s how it went down:

E: “Well this is awkward…..” (mentioned in last post about my failing at talking to guys)

Cole: “Tell me about it. Anyways how are you?” (the fact that he used the word anyways, which is probably my most-used word on my blog… moving on)

E: Pretty good, but really stressed…. ugh school. Anyways I got in to the orchestra I wanted to get into which is really exciting, but we have seating auditions this Saturday (to find out where we sit in the orchestra) and I feel like I’m going to be the worst one

Cole: “No, you’ll be fine. I don’t play an instrument. ;)” (THE GUY FROM CURLING CAMP PLAYED PIANO WITH ASDFJKL SKILL… OH MY WORD) (Also, what’s that “;)” about?! I need helppp)

E: “Ugh I sure hope so… I’m practicing all my pieces like crazy… so how are you” (changing the subject haha)


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