This makes me wonder how upperclassmen viewed us when we were freshmen and sophomores…

So when I walked into the bathroom ten minutes ago, I was bombarded by five or six sophomores just hanging out in there… now this is a pretty normal thing to happen, as I go to an all girls school. But at 3:45, after school has ended? I don’t think so. I’m pretty much the only person here after 3:30; my mom picks me up at 5:30 every day… it’s actually pretty nice because I can get my homework done in a quiet environment.

When I gave them a weird look, one of them proclaimed that they were having a “water party”… no joke. This is the future of America, people. Move to Canada if you have any brains at all.

So this made me wonder, how did the juniors and seniors view our grade when we were underclassmen? They must have been pretty weirded out by us, because our class is strange, to say the least. I made a pie chart to show our strangeness.

Until next time, Em šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “This makes me wonder how upperclassmen viewed us when we were freshmen and sophomores…

  1. LOL! yes, please send some cool ppl to canada, my school desperately needs them XD however, i think the guys i know still take the cake… you don’t get any stupider than HOT-GLUING BEADS TO YOUR NIPPLES. (i swear that i am not making this up. there is no way i could come up with something that utterly moronic.)

    what’s going to an all-girls school like? seems like it’d be a lot quieter :O

    • Quiter? Nope, all the girls feel like they can tell everyone their feelings… yeah that is veryyyy interesting sometimes, especially around THAT TIME OF THE MONTH… but it is nice because NO GUYS which means no making a fool of myself/drooling 24/7 over their hotness… and yeah those boys at your school sound very… interesting

      • ahhhh i see… that sounds slightly awful- i can imagine there’s quite a bit of oversharing xD and hahaha, the advantage of being at a small school is that there’s not that many guys to drool over so i don’t get too distracted (witness the aforementioned example!)

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