So I got that camera that I wanted, the Canon EOS Rebel XT. So far it’s a really great camera – mostly I’m just getting used to using all manual settings, which is really tough at times. There is one downfall, though – it comes with a CF card, which is a fancy name for a memory card that doesn’t fit in a computer 😦 I tried downloading the software to connect the camera via USB, but sadly there isn’t any that works with Windows 7. My dad’s computer runs on Windows Vista, so hopefully I can connect it via USB and I’ll be able to download all of the pictures! Wish me luck!

Oh and I have a rant to post… so as you may know I’m on yearbook staff. I take this job very seriously, as I should, taking pictures of kids all around campus doing different activities. I’m also in tech (building sets for the play), and I wanted to take a few pictures of everyone burning paper for the play (it’s complicated). So I got out my camera and immediately a sophomore (who thinks she’s better than everyone else apparently, did she not learn to respect the upperclassmen?!) screams at me to not take pictures… like you have any right to say that stuff. I was told by the yearbook teacher/coordinator that we were allowed to take pictures of people unless TEACHERS said we couldn’t. I’m pretty sure sophomores are NOT teachers, so you really have no right to tell me not to do things. Anyways, I stalked away (after giving her a piece of my mind) and am now doing homework and ranting (because I couldn’t concentrate with all those negative thoughts in my head). Ahh, it feels good to rant.

Until next time, Em πŸ™‚

PS – if you have any advice on how to deal with annoying underclassmen, it’d be greatly appreciated


One thought on “I GOT A NEW CAMERA!!!

  1. blahh, that does suck :/ personally i would just give her a superior look and take a picture right of her face… (mature, maybe not, but it might work xD)

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