Partyin’ partyin’ yeah!

Please forgive me for that terrible title… I have super good news and I feel hyper and yeah. What’s the great news, you ask?

Well, you know that camera that I was going to get? The super nice one that actually has a manual setting and good macro (that doesn’t focus on the background)…

Well I found one on craigslist (a place where people sell there stuff, sorta like Amazon but local and you meet somewhere to pick it up – it’s not sketch I promise), and THEY REPLIED TO MY EMAIL so my dad’s getting it tomorrow! And don’t worry, he’s meeting the owner of the camera in a public place so (hopefully) he won’t get abducted or anything crazy like that!

So of course, I have to personalize this super duper awesome camera that will soon be in my hands and all mine (once I pay back my parents)…

I found some super cool camera straps on etsy, but I do NOT want to pay $23 for something that I could easily make and personalize it way more than anyone else could!

So I searched up some DIY camera strap blog posts, and I found two great ones!

A fabric one, that’s super cool and I have THE PERFECT fabric for…

and a painted canvas one, that’s even more awesome than the fabric one! Well, maybe not as awesome as my toaster fabric (literally has toasters on it), but still pretty dang awesome!

I found this ad while looking for layouts/color combos for Yearbook, and I love it so much it’s not even funny

I’m going to use these colors to make the painted canvas one, and I’m super excited!

I’ll post a DIY tutorial for both of them when I finish, and you should definitely check it out! I’ll even use my new camera to take the pictures so it’ll look professional and stuff!

Until next time, Em 🙂


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