Time has just flown ever since school started…

I feel like just yesterday was the first day of school, with everyone wandering around confused about what class was next and why the heck we had only four classes on the first day of school (we have a block schedule). But nope, it’s already September 8th and today is a big day for me.

Today I have my orchestra audition. These things kill me, for real. I’ve been practicing this piece since late March, but every time I play it I don’t feel ready for the audition. I guess I have to be today.

(This may seem like it goes off topic but just wait) In English class we talked about nightmares/dreams we had. The kind when you aren’t wearing any clothes in front of an audience, or when you come to a test completely unprepared.

Well I had that kind of dream last night. I went to my audition and played my piece and scales, but I forgot to play my Kummer piece, which is required to get into the orchestra I want to be in. So I didn’t get into the orchestra I wanted to be in, which would break my heart if it happened.

I mean, I loved the orchestra I was in last year, I really did. It was challenging and I loved the conductor and the music we played. But this year, all the conductors are moving up an orchestra, so now the conductor I had last year won’t be conducting for the same group, he’ll be conducting for the group higher. And that means that all of the orchestras will get a little bit less challenging. I don’t want to be in an EASIER orchestra this year, so I really want to get into the higher orchestra.

Wish me luck…

Until next time, Em 🙂


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