“I haven’t gotten used to social interaction yet”

This is a quote that my friend said during school picture day… yeah this pretty much describes my friends.

So we were sitting around during the free period at the end of the day, discussing the new (freaking cute) teacher… and my friend and I both decided that he looked really familiar. She decided to go ask if he had worked at a school she had visited, because she thought that’s where she recognized him from. We walked over to his office, laughing.

So then she asked him, “so, where did you work before here?” HIS FACE. Because he looked like there was a creepy teenage girl stalking him, I decided to say “she thinks you look familiar”… then he said the name of a school near ours, and she said “yeah, when I visited I talked to a German teacher, and I think it was you.” Well, that was the end of it. And can I just say he’s adorable. Which is creepy. Anyways…

So ever since I went to horse camp and my counselor had these super-awesome fake-gauges, I decided to make some. I found these awesome ones on Etsy, and I’m going to Joann’s tonight to get some earring posts and clay.

Fake Gauges- Infinity Twist Spicy Peppers by Lyssasstuff on Etsy

Pencil through the ear. Fimo fake gauge earrings with steel plug

Fake Gauge Earrings - Gold Dust - Polymer Clay, Fakers

Anyways, I’m gonna post my awesome fake gauges in a new DIY Projects category!

Here’s the tutorial I’m using, so if you want to make some, go here!

Oh and also, I’m making some awesome button earrings like the ones shown below!

Until next time, Em 🙂


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