DIY Fake Gauges

So I decided to make some fake gauges like these…

or these…

So here goes!

I used 1/2 a block of polymer clay for each earring (two rolls) (the little package included 4 blocks)

First, roll the polymer clay into two rolls of the same length (I used 1/4 of a block for this)

Second, put the butterfly-nut (non-pointy part) in one end of the clay so that the hole is just peeking out of the clay.

Third, but the earring-back into the butterfly nut to develop a hole in the piece of clay.

Fourth, take the earring-back out of the butterfly-nut and put it in the other piece of clay (pointy side out).

Fifth, mold the pieces of clay however you want, but do NOT attach the butterfly-nut and earring-back.

Sixth, repeat steps 1-5 with another 1/2 piece of clay (now you’ve used up 1 piece out of the 4 that come in the package).

Seventh, take apart the clay pieces so they aren’t touching and put them on a non-oiled cookie sheet.

Eighth, Bake as the instructions on the clay say (I cooked it for 14 minutes at 275 degrees).

Ninth, Take the earrings out of the oven and fit them together like you want them to look like.

Tenth, let the earrings cool for about 5 minutes, still together.

Eleventh, take the earrings apart (they should be cool now) and coat the metal parts with clear nail polish.

Twelfth, TRY THEM ON!

Until next time, Em 🙂


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