Photo a day: day 22

Day 22: Guilty pleasure

So this is one of my favorite songs (and it’s my ringtone lol)… even though it’s pretty embarrassing when you think about it. Oh and do you like my nails? I haven’t had time to use nail polish remover yet lol so they’re very… rough

So, I made these delicious chocolate dipped shortbread cookies. And if somebody doesn’t watch out, I will have “mysteriously” gained 10 pounds by the time these are gone… the cookies in this picture are only half of the batch I made :/

Me phone!!! I love this thing so much… it’s actually quite scary. I also love the little “&” sticker. It’s all pop-up-y and stuff. And my background is the picture of my by the giant gumball machine from my Day 18: Favorite Store post!

Until next time, Em 🙂


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