Day 18: Favorite store

So one of my favorite restaurants is actually one that I stumbled upon while driving to a speech-thing. It’s a burger/root-beer drive-in and it’s pretty awesome. The “small” root-beers are humongous… I was going to upload a picture of it in my hand but my dad lost the Bluetooth connector for my phone and I have a crappy phone that can’t connect via USB so… yeah. All you need to know is that it’s humongous and tastes like a root-beer float even though it doesn’t have ice cream in it. If I could buy a keg of the stuff, I would. Anyways, at this burger/root-beer drive-in, they have a huge gumball machine. I come up to the silver line on it (granted I’m short, but still) and a picture of me next to it is actually my phone background 😀


Anyways, this week at horse camp I met someone who absolutely loves this place (she’s the girl who’s setting me up with her friend)… let’s just say we bonded over the fact that we love this place.

Oh and also, there is a really annoying car tooting it’s horn on my street and my head feels about ready to burst. People do realize that they don’t need to toot their horn 20 times, right?


This might actually be the large size, because it has two straws. But the small size isn’t much smaller

And their store jam packed with pictures and shiz…

I didn’t know where to look…

And they have mini-juke boxes on each table so only you hear the music! Sadly you couldn’t use them because they were old and people donated them, but seriously, it was so cool.

Until next time, Em 🙂


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