Horsey camp

So this week I was gone in the middle of nowhere, at HORSE CAMP. I saw a shooting star. No joke. I literally was standing in the middle of the doorway of our canvas tent-structure thing when BOOM, it flew across the sky.

Also, I witnessed someone get run into by a miniature horse (while running it, aka holding its leash thing and running at full speed across a field with it)… and get a GIGANTIC bruise on the leg.

Oh, and I learned that, while people can’t feel it when you lick their elbow while they’re looking away, they sure freak out when they find out they were just licked.

And I got set up with a guy that sounds pretty awesome and not creepy and we’re totally going to the dance at his school which is a ball where you wear huge dresses like in Pride and Prejudice which is literally A DREAM OF MINE… so yeah it’s pretty awesome. Even though I have a suspicion that he’s gay…. and my friend does too. In her words, “he’s definitely straight but I have a feeling that he’s one of those people that will be gay when he’s older”… uh last time I checked you don’t just turn gay… but okay whatever you want to think…

I also learned what it’s like to not shower for a week and then return to public life where people are frowned upon if they wear bandanas and smell like campfire. Not so fun.

Oh, and my life was pretty much MADE when I learned that there are two diving teams near my school… so yeah I can totally fulfill a dream of mine, which is to dive, like David Boudia, who is super awesome and got a gold metal.

I’m actually sorta scared to open my email inbox because I subscribe to baking blogs, and I have a suspicion that I’m going to have… 200 emails. Let’s go check. I actually have 134… which is not a lot because when I left for camp I had like 90 unread emails (procrastinating at its finest)

Also, I touched an electric fence. Like five times. It was awesome.

Until next time, Em 🙂


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