Strange-o dreams…

Tonight I had a very interesting dream. I was a spy, and we were trying to find something (I wasn’t sure what it was at the starting of the dream), and we were using a calculator whose back popped off to reveal a Geocache-like set of coordinates to find it. It turned out that we were looking for a house, and once I got in, my teammate wasn’t inside yet. There was a password, and she totally botched it up (she had a few screws loose). And then once we got inside, a mysterious voice inside my head (I’m not quite sure what it was) told us to go to page something-or-another and then I was reading a book, sort of, I was visualizing it, in my awake mind I guess? Anyways on the page of the book some guy was being tranquilized at a dinner meeting (kind of like a date, but with a villian and a non-villian). And then I woke up before I could find out anything. And it turns out I was reading a book and had only got to page 22 – well actually, the “book” told me to skip ahead to page 22, so I guess I didn’t get that far.

Until next time, Em šŸ™‚


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