Fun introverted-ness

Today I went to this youth group type thing, where we did boffer wars. It’s pretty much sword fighting with these foam… sticks. It’s super fun, even though I’ll probably be in pain tomorrow.

Now the problem with this youth group type thing is… I’m an introvert. I’ll admit it. I hate crowds, and people in general. Why make friends when you can adopt cats!? Okay, I’m joking about that. Sort of. I do have friends, but besides those friends, I really don’t like people my age. They’re judgy and annoying and I would rather be friends with nice people that… are older than me? You know what I mean. Well not really, but still. I don’t like people my age. I get really nervous and talk to myself (not out loud. That would be weird)… and it’s generally not a good thing when I’m around other people. So… yeah.

Until next time, Em 🙂


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