Photo a Day!

Kay so I’ve decided to join in on the Photo a Day fun! I do realize that today is the 3rd of August… and it started on the 1st, but let’s not judge here. Anyways I guess I’ll just have to do extra pictures some days… yeah so I’ll start tomorrow!

1. Breakfast
3. Art
4. Something you made
5. Something fun and exciting
6. Someone you miss
7. Something you found
8. An animal
9. Hair
10. Something you don’t like
11. The last thing you bought
12. Your handwriting
13. Clouds
14. A sign
15. Best-friends
16. Moon
17. Happy place
18. Favorite store
19. What you’re wearing
20. Reflection
21. Your favorite object
22. Guilty Pleasure
23. View from your window
24. Nature
25. Skyline
26. Take a picture and write a short story to go with it 🙂
27. Favorite books
28. Favorite picture you’ve ever taken
29. Your bag
30. Something you own that isn’t considered normal( i know you have something)
31. Yourself

Until next time, Em 🙂


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