It’s been 4 days since the last day of band camp and I can’t believe it. I added one of my friends from camp on Facebook and we both decided that it should be longer, because how can you go to just five days of super-fun band camp?! I met two friends at camp… and one of them was a super cute guy. Since when does this happen? Never. But lo-and-behold, HE DOESN’T HAVE A FACEBOOK. I guess I’ll just have to drool over the camp pictures the band organization uploaded.

Oh my god, I just went to check if there are new pictures and there is the huge group picture…. excuse me while I make it into a poster and hang it on my wall so it’s the first thing I see every day… oh god there’s me… never mind. I was taking my hat off so it would be a better picture, why oh why do you have to use the one of me TAKING  MY HAT OFF?! I literally look like an old timey man nodding his hat to someone. Ugh. Why is everyone so picture perfect, except me? asdfjkl.

Anyways back to the Facebook-less guy I met (let’s call him Braedyn). After camp had ended and I was looking at (read: stalking) the camp pictures on Facebook, I realized that he looks sort of like Ryan Lochte. There is a strong resemblance. How did I not notice this before? They could be cousins, the resemblance is that strong!

Ryan Lochte

Anyways, as much as I’m mourning the end of band camp, I’m super excited for horse camp. Last year I met some very… interesting people there… including a guy that was very cute. Very very very cute. But still not as cute as Braedyn, asdfjkl-cute band camp guy. Plus I had loads of fun procrastinating at my APUSH homework (yes I read 1/2 the book in the two days before AP week started) and riding horses and eating a huge bag of taffy even though I had braces (and I’m totally going to do it again. Taffy rocks). Horse camp is one of my favorite weeks of the whole year (band camp is #1, no competition) and I’m super excited to go back, even if it means admitting that school is one week closer.

Awkward topic-changer…. last night (actually an hour ago, I wake up late) I had a very strange and deja-vuy dream. I was at horse camp and we were playing hide-and-seek on this huge play structure. Two of my friends and I ran to the far side of the play structure and hid. I ended up being the last person to be tagged. What was weird was that I recognized a few people doing this huge game of hide-and-seek/tag. Usually my friends aren’t in my dreams too often, and usually only one or two of my friends are in a dream together. There were about 4 people that I recognized in this dream. Anyways, I’ve actually had this dream before, but I can’t remember if I was at horse camp in that dream also. Hence the deja-vu.

Oh and I had another strange dream. I was in that sort of awake dream state where I’m almost awake but I’m still sort of asleep. My last dream was that I was driving home from band camp, and we had just pulled onto the street next to the building where it was held. At the stoplight, my dad said “oh look, there’s a kid from camp” and guess who was on his bike right next to our car? That’s right, Braedyn. I leaned out of the car window and asked him “hey do you have a Facebook” because I knew he didn’t (I must have been more awake than I thought, because I looked him up after camp had ended, so this wouldn’t be possible)… and then I woke up. Ugh.

Until next time, Em 🙂


One thought on “Ugh

  1. lololol, of course they’d take the worst picture, right? 😛 that’s awesome that you had such a great time at the camp!

    love the new background too, btw 🙂

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