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I just looked up from my laptop to see that really hot teacher standing in front of the door of the classroom that I’m sitting in… and I was totally laughing about strange blog posts… yeah so he’s just standing there staring at me, and when I look up I’m like *holy shittake mushrooms you’re hot… stare stare stare* and he just looks at me and smiles and then walks down the hall. We just had a moment there. Hahaha yeah… it should be illegal to hire hot teachers because holy mustaches there are some pretty cute teachers at our school…

Also, I’m doing a “Weekly Post” like Ariel is doing over at Lots of Love Seattle… so yeah here’s what I’m going to do every week, probably every Saturday because that way my school week has just ended. Oh and I totally just inserted that link using my new found skills of html I learned from Code AcademyΒ πŸ˜€

So here’s what’s gonna be in my “Weekly Post”

  • A song/playlist of the week
  • 3 facts
  • Interesting things that happened
  • A quote
  • A word of the week
  • A book of the week
  • Maybe a rant/rave, if I have anything to talk about

(I totally just wrote that list with html… yeah be proud of me)

Until next time, Em πŸ™‚


So there’s this guy that my friend was setting me up with… now we all had the suspicion that he was gay. He’s too freaking perfect to be straight. For God’s sake, he wants to be a fashion designer/artist. There is no way he is straight. Well, I guess it was just wishful thinking hoping that we could go to the ball at his/my friend’s school together. NOW IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Because he came back to school, four inches taller, but also gay. With a boyfriend. Yep, this could not be any worse. I mean, I just wanted a date to the dance (even just as friends) but now it will never happen because he’ll probably bring his boyfriend. Fudge.

Until next time, Em πŸ™‚

Photo a day: day 29

Day 29: Your bag

So this is actually my mom’s bag, but since she wasn’t using it, I decided to “borrow” it… she got it at a farmer’s market in Portland, OR and now I really want to go get one for myself!


Until next time, Em πŸ™‚

Photo a day: day 28

Day 28: Favorite picture you’ve ever taken

My brother and dad

Corn: the colors just pop

Soup: sometimes a great picture is just waiting to happen

Car: I love how it looks sorta ombre because of the filters

Flower: the colors just pop

Until next time, Em πŸ™‚

“I haven’t gotten used to social interaction yet”

This is a quote that my friend said during school picture day… yeah this pretty much describes my friends.

So we were sitting around during the free period at the end of the day, discussing the new (freaking cute) teacher… and my friend and I both decided that he looked really familiar. She decided to go ask if he had worked at a school she had visited, because she thought that’s where she recognized him from. We walked over to his office, laughing.

So then she asked him, “so, where did you work before here?” HIS FACE. Because he looked like there was a creepy teenage girl stalking him, I decided to say “she thinks you look familiar”… then he said the name of a school near ours, and she said “yeah, when I visited I talked to a German teacher, and I think it was you.” Well, that was the end of it. And can I just say he’s adorable. Which is creepy. Anyways…

So ever since I went to horse camp and my counselor had these super-awesome fake-gauges, I decided to make some. I found these awesome ones on Etsy, and I’m going to Joann’s tonight to get some earring posts and clay.

Fake Gauges- Infinity Twist Spicy Peppers by Lyssasstuff on Etsy

Pencil through the ear. Fimo fake gauge earrings with steel plug

Fake Gauge Earrings - Gold Dust - Polymer Clay, Fakers

Anyways, I’m gonna post my awesome fake gauges in a new DIY Projects category!

Here’s the tutorial I’m using, so if you want to make some, go here!

Oh and also, I’m making some awesome button earrings like the ones shown below!

Until next time, Em πŸ™‚

Yo yo yo, it’s almost September!

So to celebrate September, I’ve decided to take a photo a day (just like I did in August)… so I’ve compiled a list, mixing the list fromΒΒ andΒ… so yeah. Join in if you want to!

1. You, then
2. Hands
3. Your shoes
4. Something new
5. Bright
6. Blue
7. Natural
8. Night
9. Something you do most weekends
10. Hero
11. Black + White
12. A stranger
13. 10 am
14. Front door
15. First thing you see
16. Strange
17. Something you ate
18. Button
19. Underneath
20. Man-made
21. Drink
22. Up
23. Before bedtime
24. 3 things
25. Self portrait
26. Near
27. Love/Hate
28. Heart
29. Time
30. You, now

Until next time, Em πŸ™‚

I knew I looked bad, but…

So today was school picture day. Not the best day to have a ginormous zit on your nose. Or to have your hair sticking every way when you wake up (I’m not even joking. I have a picture. #shorthairproblems [oh wow, did I just use a hashtag? Life is dying as we know it])

Anyways, I was trying to coax my hair into okay-ness using Shelly’s hairspray. I sprayed my bangs about 3 times to keep them all swishy or whatever you call Justin Bieber’s bangs. Then Shelly sprayed my whole head once.

When I walked back out of the bathroom to where everyone else was standing in line, the first thing I was told was that I didn’t look like I had taken a shower in a week. And the second thing? That I didn’t look like I had taken a shower in two weeks. And the third thing? That I had dandruff (I’m sorry that the hairspray is coming out because I used water to make it look like I had taken a shower recently.)

Anyways, the picture turned out pretty cute. At least it looked cute on the camera screen. Enlarged? Only time will tell.

Until next time, Em πŸ™‚