I wouldn’t call it an addiction…

One of my recent… hobbies… is recipe-ing (okay, that’s a totally lame verb, just ignore me). It all started one day at school when we had a free period and I thought “hey, I should do some ‘research’ for when I have my own bakery” (aka find delicious recipes of cupcakes and bookmark them)… now this may have gotten out of hand when I had… oh 80 or so recipes. I then decided to go over to ZipList and make a recipe box for holding all of my delicious recipes. Well, I sort of got… carried away. I now have 138 recipes. I mean, who knows when I’ll get a craving for Microwave Potato Chips or Homemade Croissants or Hot Fudge Sauce? It pays to be prepared, as the Boy Scouts say.


Right now the song Stacy’s Mom is stuck in my head. Why is it so catchy and wonderful while at the same time oh so terrible?! I may or may not have put it as my ringtone in true Elodie fasion. I’m sure it will be funny when it rings, as long as it’s not in any of those aforementioned situations. I should probably go turn my ringer off right now, but my phone is off and I never get calls (I’m not a loser, I swear. I just text people) (read: I’m too lazy). I feel like it’s gonna ring some day after school and everyone will be like “what the haystacks is your ringtone? that is so weird” and I’m gonna be secretly rocking out to it.


I have a very serious problem that needs to be touched upon. I HATE MY HAIR. It’s now long enough to curl up in the back, which 1) looks terrible and 2) looks like a mullet in training, which brings us back to #1. I’m too lazy to get it cut, so I’m hoping it will grow out by the time school comes around. Wait, I have orchestra camp next week. Let’s bring out the hairbands and look like weirdos with super short ponytails yes yes yes. I’m getting off topic here. The very serious problem that needs to be touched upon is that I am mistaken for a guy because of my aforementioned (such a fun word) short hair. I volunteer at the library, and anybody who is anybody, aka anybody who has been there for as long as I have knows that I recently got my hair cut. Now, people who don’t know that, aka patrons, are the meanest people alive (or just stupid). I was helping out a patron, when one of the workers who for some reason was in a snit (all the other workers said this too, so it wasn’t just me) came up to us and asked “are you okay?” and I said “yes” and the patron said “yes he’s got it”… WAIT HOLD UP A MINUTE I AM NOT A GUY. I don’t even look like a guy. You have to live under a rock to not know that some girls have short hair. Maybe it was just this guy, because he didn’t know how the books were shelved (by author)… he didn’t even know what the 3 letters were on the side of the book (THE FIRST THREE LETTERS OF THE AUTHOR’S NAME, HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE?!)…. ugh this is what is wrong with this world.

Until next time, Em 🙂


2 thoughts on “I wouldn’t call it an addiction…

  1. haha, nice ringtone XD when i finally get my cell, i’ll probably put some random song that no one knows… not sure which is worse? 😛

    • definitely put a well-known song! elodie had some great ideas on that post! then you’ll have a great conversation starter… at least that’s what i’m telling myself, i’m not sure other people will see it that way XD

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